Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Art on the Rocks 2004

Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May 2004, 11am – 4pm, FREE Event

Art on The Rocks will transform this historic setting into an alfresco studio workshop. Wander through The Rocks and discover artists in action along the water's edge, cobblestone laneways and alleys of Sydney’s original art precinct.

Art on The Rocks is a celebration of public drawing, painting and music. Over 60 musicians from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music will provide a varied and inspired program of music that will complement the artists in action.

Artists will be competing for a $38,000 prize purse and all artworks will feature in the Art On The Rocks Exhibition.

Art on The Rocks Exhibition
ASN Gallery, Hickson Road, The Rocks
Friday 18 June – Sunday 4 July 2004
Entry is free & artworks will be available for sale.


Mark Goulthorpe - Variance: Evolution in the Digital Design Work of dECOi Architects

Wednesday 2nd June. 6.30 for 7pm. FREE Event.

Source 490 would like to present their first international guest for 2004 Mark Goulthorpe. Mark is an Associate Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founded dECOi Architects in 1991, based in Paris and London.

Mark will look at the capacity of computational systems to model variance, and ask how architects are to think through the consequences of such shift to a topological paradigm? The talk will ask after natural evolutionary models, and draw parallels with speculative creative strategies in dance and music. It will be illustrated by examples of dECOi's most recent design projects, that begin to articulate not only the formal but also the technical potentials for a greatly enhanced formal opportunity in architecture.

When: Wednesday 2nd June 2004 Doors open from 6.30pm Lecture commencing at 7.00pm Where: Source 490 Level 1, 490 Crown St Surry Hills NSW 2010
RSVP: Strictly by RSVP only Monday 31st May 2004
A confirmation will be supplied via e-mail once an RSVP has been received. You MUST present this at the door to gain access. First 300 people only
a waiting list will be available.
Website: (Click on Lecture Series tab)
Fax: Jenny Morelli 02 9380 8429
Lucky Door: One person will receive a new release title donated by The Building Bookshop.

Voices of Hope Youth Arts Festival 2004 - Amnesty International

Theme: Stopping Violence Against Women: Everybody's Responsibility

Entries open to high school students. Otherwise, you can volunteer to help run the festival.

Every year high school students from all around the country participate in the festival by submitting works of art into one or more of our three different festival categories. That is, Literature, Arts/Multimedia, and/or Performance.

Entries can come in just about any form imaginable. Song, installation, poetry, flash animation, play, short story … whatever … it's all good to us. Give free reign to your imagination and fire up your passion for the protection of human rights and those denied them.

The Deadline: Friday, July 9, 2004.
The Reward: Thousands of dollars worth of prizes. National exposure and recognition

Victor Kelleher, award winning author for teenagers and adults has agreed to be the NSW Voices of Hope Literature judge in 2004. You’ve probably read his books Taronga and Del-Del here’s your chance to have your work read by him!!! (This is I used to borrow all his books from the school library).

Website for more info:

The mass media's influence on modern architecture - free talk

Tuesday June 1, 2004. 6.30pm-8.00pm

Year of the Built Environment 2004 City Talks:
Architecture Media & Fashion: The mass media's influence on modern architecture

Speakers: Mark Wigley
Professor, Graduate School of Architecture, Columbia University
Author of White Walls, Designer Dresses

Beatriz Colomina
Professor of History and Theory at Princeton University
Author of Sexuality and Space

Elizabeth Farrelly
Architecture Writer, The Sydney Morning Herald

MC: Angela Catterns
Date: Tuesday June 1, 2004
Time: 6.30pm-8.00pm
Venue: Sydney Town Hall
Bookings: 02 8256 2222 or
City Recitall Hall Angel Place Box Office

YBE2004 City Talks are free events. Bookings essential.

Beatriz Colomina is presented by Biennale of Sydney, with the support of the Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW.

Inner City Life Writing Competition 2004

"A literary competition for adults on the theme of "Inner City Life" organised by the NSW Writers' Centre, sponsored by the Village Voice, Gleebooks and Eastside Radio, and open to anyone from anywhere. The topic is "Inner City Life anywhere anytime", whatever interpretation YOU give to the phrase.

Categories: 1. Short Story maximum 500 words 2. Poetry maximum 20 lines

Conditions: You don't have to be an inner-city resident to enter. There is NO ENTRY FORM. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR ENTRY. On a separate sheet, write your name, address and phone number, along with the name of your story or poem. Entries MUST be typed. Entries will NOT be returned. Entries must NOT have been published before or won another competition. Cover sheet to specify exact number of words. Word limit is STRICT. You will be automatically disqualified if you exceed the word limit, excluding the title.

Entry fee is $5 per entry. You can submit as many entries as you like.

Judges will be Chris O'Donnell (NSW Writers' Centre), Roger Mackell (Gleebooks) and Norm Neill (poet).

Send entries to Inner City Life Competition NSW Writers' Centre PO Box 1056 Rozelle NSW 2039

Inquiries (02) 9555 9757 or email

Closing date: Entries together with entry fee must be sent by post and postmarked by 5pm on Friday 26 November 2004."


Teresa Cutter's - the healthy chef

Came across Teresa Cutter's recipe for a lean shepherd's pie in last week's Sunday Telegraph (tried the recipe and it's really yummy!). She's a qualified chef and a personal trainer and she's got some recipes and tips for healthy living on her website at: She's put out a few cookbooks as well so you can now cook and eat healthy yummy meals!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Snoopy plastic figurines

Saw an ad on TV about a series of Snoopy plastic figurines that come with McD's Happy Meals. Haven't been into a McD's for a while. May see if I can buy the Snoops series without the meal. They look really cute.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Doll dress-ups - digital style

Liisa's Paperdolls features digital versions of stars such as Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Kylie and many others and you get to put together their outfit by dragging the items from the clothes rack onto your star.

I 'dressed up' Jennifer Garner above :-). It's heaps of fun!

Osama: film review

Review by Fiona Prior

Director: Siddiq Barmak. Winner of the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film

Set in pre-September 11 Afghanistan Osama is the story of the impossible plight of women under the Taliban regime. Although Osama is not a documentary the casting of non-actors (the majority recruited from the orphanages and streets of Kabul), the less than 'perfect-effect' cinematography and a total lack of expensive FX give this movie an authenticity that is unmistakeable...

Read the full review at:

Alternative Media talk

Photo taken with the Motorola A835 mobile.
(May keep taking my Kodak with me).

Went to the 'Alternative Media' talk as part of the Sydney Writer's Festival today. Session consisted of Harvey Pekar, Salaam Pax, and Kathy Bail. The session was held at the Sydney Dance Company.
There were roadworks going on so, and setup for a marathon, so a lot of the meter parking was not available. Ended up getting there before 1.30pm but the room of 400 capacity was already full! There was a long queue of people wanting to get in still.

In the end, they set up a speaker in the cafe area so the rest of people would still be able to hear the presentation. The place was absolutely packed. People were lining up for the talks.

After the presentations, the authors go to the Dymocks tent to do some book signing. I got American Splendor signed by Harvey Pekar :-).

Techie gadgets sites

Been browsing some new gadgety stuff over at: and

How to turn CDs into MP3 files

I wanted to get a few songs onto the Motorola A835 mobile which is also an mp3 player.
Came across this article on the site which was v.easy to follow. It suggests downloading Musicmatch Jukebox to get CDs into Mp3 format easily. Have now transferred U2's 'With or Without You' and Pete Murray's 'So Beautiful' over to the mobile via infrared. Will transfer a few more songs over later. Article at:

Friday, May 21, 2004

Next Wave Festival: Unpopular Culture

Image: Tin Nguyen designed the
Next Wave Festival hard copy program.

Currently on! Check it out if you're in Melbourne! 18-30 May 2004.

Biennale of Sydney

International Festival of Contemporary Art: 4 June-15 August 2004.
51 artists from 32 countries show 220 works across 6 venues in Sydney with FREE ADMISSION to all venues. Website:

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Talk is getting cheaper

Article in SMH on how to make cheap calls to people overseas using USB netphones. They link to for call rates and instructions on how to set up your netphone. Article at:

Lights, camera... DVD!

Article in the SMH on how the hobbyist can now make DVD videos easily and cheaply now with prices dropping for hardware and digital video editing software packages. Eg you can get Pinnacle Studio 9 for $249. Link:

Expressions of Interest: Architecture exhibition - Alts + Adds

"The Alts + Adds exhibition presents 20 individual projects that reveal that even the smallest solution can have an enormous impact. Focusing on built work commissioned as an alteration or addition to an existing building the exhibition will consider all types of homes whether freestanding house, apartment, terrace or semi.

The key aim of the exhibition is to bring architecture and design to the general public and to clearly demonstrate the advantages of high quality residential renovations. Selected projects will communicate the process leading to completion; the challenges, obstacles and successes. Additionally, wider reaching solutions that make a home more energy efficient, consider the heritage value of an existing house, incorporate emerging technologies, respond to the complexities of approval processes and add value to an existing home, are all of interest.

Four theme areas have been selected to help organise the exhibition content: sustainability, affordability, livability and antiquity

This exhibition is supported by a media partnership with Vogue Living, the Board of Architects and is an official event of the Year of the Built Environment 2004 in NSW.

If you think that you may have a project of interest please send an email to requesting an Expression of Interest form. Submissions should be received by June 4 2004."

Experimenta: Calling all Emerging Artists

Call For Submissions: 2004 New Visions Commissions

"Experimenta is calling for proposals from emerging artists throughout Australia for the development of new media artworks for inclusion in our next major exhibition in 2005.

We are seeking new media art projects that explore the concept of illusions in all its forms - optical, sensory and aural. We are particularly interested in projects that not only evoke wonder, magic and mystery, but also attempt to uncover issues of social and political relevance.

What illusions exist in our world today? How do they affect our lives? What do they reveal about our current existence? What illusionary experiences can be created through media art works?

Seven projects will be funded and developed in collaboration with an industry partner.

To submit a proposal, download an application form from

For further information contact Rebekah Malherbe on (03) 9525 5025 or email"

where creativity and technology meet

Adam Hill exhibition: New Koori on the Block

Adam Hill: Selected works
When: 18 May - 6 June, 2004. Tue - Sun, 8am-4pm.
Where: Washhouse Gallery, 711 Darling St, Rozelle, M: 0425 248 334.

Super Size Me - Movie

Saw Super Size Me at the Academy Twin, Oxford St, Paddington earlier (ie last night)- Cyclic Defrost promotion. It was a great doco. It had heaps of humour in it but the message runs deep. Morgan Spurlock is one v.talented director, writer etc...

The film should be compulsory viewing to every school-kid, parent, everyone really! I was feeling a bit whoosy/unsettled during the movie watching him eat McDonalds every meal for a month. Regardless of whether or not you eat 'fast foods' a lot or not, you leave the film feeling inspired to do some more exercise and to take the time to buy fresh fruit and vegies, and to cook healthy meals.

Super Size Me won the Best Director Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

The film's website is at: and Morgan Spurlock's blog is at:
For more info of film screenings in Australia, go to Dendy Films at:

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

American Splendor Anthologies book

Have borrowed the American Splendor Anthologies book from the public library. May end up buying it. Looking forward to reading it. Reminder: Harvey Pekar will be speaking this Saturday at the Sydney Dance Company as part of the Sydney Writer's Festival and he and his family will be at the Q+A after the screening of 'American Splendor' at the Dendy Opera Quays this coming Sunday.

Motorola A835 mobile phone

Also had a quick look at a couple of mobile phone 'stalls' at Marrickville. Went online to have a look at some deals and ended up ordering a 'free' Motorola A835 phone from Three on their $22/month plan. I like the fact that the camera resolution on the phone is 640x480 pixels and the camera is one the front and back. It also has digital video camera capability, Bluetooth, video talk, email, speaker phone, mp3 player... I'm sure I'll have heaps of fun playing with all those features. Will also try blogging from it. Then I can blog the event whilst it's actually happening.!

Lazy Sunday shopping spree

Had a late start on Sunday. Went to Marrickville Metro intending to get some ingredients for a quick lunch but ended up getting distracted by all sorts of things.

Ended up getting Before Sunrise (love that film!) on DVD for $8, Say Anything on DVD $16.30 (first I'd heard of John Cusack back in '89), Jay & Silent Bob VHS for $6.95 (I missed seeing it at the cinema and love Kevin Smith's films), and Pete Murray's 'So Beautiful' single. The girl at the counter said they have regulars going into Kmart every week to check out what's out. Wouldn't have known they'd have some of these titles there. Ended up eating lunch around 4pm.

Boronia Park Public School 75th Anniversary

My old public school had an open day last Saturday so went for a quick visit. Had a look at the library. It's kind of interesting that going into the space again brings back memories of once being in that space. Gives you renewed detail of the environment. Used to love reading all the Enid Blyton books. Found them in exactly the same spot. Also visited my old weatherboard classroom - only one remains these days.

Surry Hills Festival

Went to the Surry Hills Festival Saturday around 10.30 in the morning. It was different seeing a chunk of Crown St closed to traffic. It was a good feel. People just wandered into the shops, browsing the street stalls, listening to music, getting food etc. I kind of thought it would've been even busier and that there'd be more artsy/crafty stalls. Maybe a lot of stallholders already have a regular spot at the other markets on Saturdays so couldn't come to this Festival.

Crowd shot. Got busier by lunch time.

There were a few Turkish gozleme stalls that day.
Gozleme is a bit like a panfried savoury pancake filled
with minced beef, spinach, and cheese - yum!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Virginia Russell (Filitonga) Grey Lynn to Havana exhibition

Exhibition from 26 May to 12 June 2004 at the James Harvey Gallery.
When: 12-5 Wednesday to Saturday. Where: 163 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly 2031.
Ph/Fax: 02 9314 7708. E:

Integrated Web Design: Got a Weblog? Promote It!

Article on the Informit website about promoting your weblog. Sections are: Relevant Web Sites, Weblog Rings, Newsfeeds, Promote at Will.

They had a link to Bloglines: This is a cool web based 'newsreader' to help you keep track of your fave blogs. URL:

Deleting email accidentally

Got a nice email today from someone with the last part of the email from I previewed the email and that was enough to automatically mark it for deletion and bouncing. So sorry whoever you are. I didn't mean to. I actually meant to download not delete the email.

Friday, May 14, 2004

If you've designed a Treehouse...

Dear Architects,

This is Alejandro Bahamón, editor or architecture and design for Loft Publications in Barcelona

At the moment I am working in the compilation process of a book about TreeHouses. We look for small construtions that use trees as total or partial structural element. This world wide publication will show the most recent projects of treehouses around the world and will include designed and vernacular examples and not only completed works but also unbuilt projects.

I would like to know if you have any project that could fit in this publication or maybe if you know about any treehouse around you and interesting for this title. If so, the necessary material for the book is:

- 6 to 12 Photos (transparencies or high resolution scans)
- Descriptive text (concept, construction, materials)
- Drawings (sketchs, plan, sections, etc)

I would be very grateful if you can confirm if you have any project to submit, your interest and if you can send us the material within the next three weeks.

Don't hesitate in contact me if you have any question.
Thank you very much for your attention.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Alejandro Bahamón - Editor
Via Layetana 32, 4 - 92 Barcelona 08003, España"

Win a trip to Melbourne to attend Saturday in Design on July 24th

"Indesign® Magazine and Saturday in Design® are offering you the unique and exciting opportunity to win a weekend for two as our VIP guests at Saturday in Design - Melbourne July 24.

Flying Virgin Blue you will be spending 2 nights at the contemporary boutique Hotel Lindrum, with an indulgent 'late check-out'. You and your guest will be treated to Saturday in Design VIP Passes allowing entry into the exclusive invite-only after party."

More info:

LTC May 27 Bradley Trevor Greive speaking

This month's Last Thursday Club's speaker will be Bradley Trevor Grieve. He's the author of the 'Blue Days Book' which has sold 10 million copies worldwide.

Bradley will speak on professional creativity and his experiences in the world of publishing, including how he found success, his strategies, his mindset and attitudes.

Plus: Diary of a Solo Entrepreneur: Jill Keyte

Jill Keyte is the Managing Director of High As A Keyte. After her gig as Senior Events Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Live Sites, and working as a producer and consultant for the Arts and Creative Event industries, she created Starlight Cinema at North Sydney Oval last summer.

Jill will explain how she moved from employment to self-employment and solo entrepreneur. She'll share her experiences of growing and developing her event-producing and arts consulting business, as well as her strategies for success.

When: 6pm, Thursday 27 May(free food at 6.30pm; speakers start at 7pm)
Where: Fox and Lion Hotel , 1 Bent St, Fox Studios, Moore Park, Sydney

How much? $30 (pay at door. Includes first drink free, and free quality finger food before and after event).

More info:

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Advice to a Young Professional (2003)

David Maister is a consultant and author of many books on the management of professional service firms.

On Maister's website, he writes this article saying "My next book will be made up of maxims, aphorisms and anecdotes to provide advice to a young professional on how to succeed in professional life. This article contains a random selection... "

Article at:{8BC21CE2-4B57-4FC0-99D5-288EFCAD72FC}&fldProdID=20912&intCatID=122&intPageNumber=1

There's another article that may be of interest:

Maister's Laws of the Job Search (1982)

He wrote 34 tips for a group of MBA students who came to him with questions about career choices.

Article at:{8BC21CE2-4B57-4FC0-99D5-288EFCAD72FC}&fldProdID=20359&intCatID=122&intPageNumber=2

Your money or your life

This article talks about people 'downshifting' from high paying jobs they hate to doing jobs they like even if it means a huge cut in pay. Article then says this applies to other groups of income earners as well. Also some people choose other modes of work eg part-time etc. Article at:

Sunday, May 9, 2004

Crafting the C-generation

This article appeared in the Australian online. It says that the Future Laboratory has identified an emerging demographic known as generation C, with the C standing for creativity and culture, who spend a lot of their money on culture related activities. According to Raymond and Sanderson consumers want to own uniqueness and to connect with the people who made the good, and so there is an emergence of crafts as being cool. Article at:,5744,9479251%255E16947,00.html

Anthony Seeto's travel blog: January 2003-April 2004

Anthony SeetoAnthony Seeto is an Australian currently living in London. In the last year and a bit, he's managed to travel to: Edinburgh, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Kruger, Swaziland, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Rio, Mozambique... Read the summary of his travels interspersed with Anthony's unique style of political and social commentary and humour.

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Fruit Salad in a Pot by The Veggie Lady [Toni Salter]

Toni SalterIn this month's article, Toni tells us how to grow "Fruit Salad Trees" in a pot to save space. "You can now actually grow up to 8 different types of fruit on the one tree. It's done through a technique of multi-grafting, where several different types of plants are grafted onto the one strong rootstock... There are a few restrictions because you need to keep all the stonefruit together, as with all the citrus, all the apples and all the pears..." Full article at: Article will also appear in the May 2004 zine which will be published soon.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Version Magazine - Auckland, NZ arts publication online

"Winter issue - DEADLINE MONDAY 31ST MAY 2004

This is a call for contributors to a new arts and music publication. Feel free to forward this call to anyone you think may be interested...

VERSION MAGAZINE will profile established and emerging artists to bring coverage and context to a significant segment of the local arts scene which is under-represented. The print edition will direct people to the online edition. To be distributed in Auckland City and potentially Wellington, Melbourne etc...

The aim of the project is to create a forum for discussion, feedback and promotion, focussing on music, arts, theatre and literature - and various oddities that usually slip under the mainstream radar. It will contain previews, reviews, features, interviews, profiles, promotion and documentation, as well as a directory and events guide. The Version Magazine project will cover digital media and performance art - which presently receives scant attention. It will act as a bridge between the commercial/ formal establishments (e.g. Dealer Galleries, Fashion/Art/Lifestyle Magazines,, and the more grassroots, DIY ventures (e.g. Artist run galleries, Eclective, Fleet FM, Foxymoron, Pelvic Trust, Databass) and serve as a critical index or definitive guide to local experimental culture with references to global movements.

VERSION is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting multidisciplinary artists and events based in Auckland City."

For more info go to:

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Inasmuch by Jason Pitt - dance performance. 19-23 May

"Based on his short film made in 2002 with Metro Screen and the Australian Film Television and Radio School, acclaimed choreographer Jason Pitt returns to the Performance Space with a hybrid performance between dance and film. Inasmuchis a recording of a film and conceived more as a choreographic installation exploring the dark side of relationships."

Performers: Marnie Palomares, Jason Lam
Video & Film Design: Jason Lam, Jason Pitt
Sound: Peter Minkov, Sigur Ros

Bookings: 9698 7235. Tix: $25 adult, $20 members of P Space, $15 conc.
Where: Performance Space, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern.


Recommended Viewing 2004: Tomorrows Film Today - VCA

RV04 is a national touring festival of Victorian College of the Arts School of Film and Television 2003 graduate works [Adam Elliot, creator Harvie Crumpet graduated from VCA in '96].

The films will screen in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.
Sydney's screening dates are: Fri 28 and Sat 29 May.

For more info:

Introduction to the Ballet - Sydney Opera House

12 May & 24 November. Presenter: The Australian Ballet. Venue: Opera Theatre

"Enhance your enjoyment of ballet by attending this programme designed for audiences of all ages. The dancers are first seen in a shortened class, in which the logic behind the training is explained, then in a brief rehearsal to demonstrate the coaching process and finally in a performance featuring one of the ballets from the current repertoire."

12 May - Featuring an excerpt from Swan Lake
23 November - Featuring an excerpt from La Fille mal Gardée

DURATION: 90 minutes

12 May and 24 November at 11.30am

All Tickets $14
Special price available for school groups of 8 or more. Please contact the Box Office on 9250 7777 for more details.

To book go to: then type in ballet into the keyword box.

Soya wanna be an artist competition for under 25's

"The Noise Festival has teamed up with Qantas to bring you its Spirit of Youth Awards - an invitation to young Australians (aged 25 and under) to submit their creative work, with the chance to win cash, flights and professional mentoring."

Categories are: Words, Photography, Pictures, Music, Fashion Design, Industrial Design and Moving Pictures.

More info:

51st Sydney Film Festival launched 5th May

There are over 230 films that are going to be shown at the 51st Sydney Film Festival during 11-26 June 2004.
Go to: to read through the program! There are some great films being shown!

'Hero' will be shown at the Sydney Film Festival - Sat 12 June at 2.30pm at the State Theatre

Hero is a Zhang Yimou martial arts action film starring a who's who of Asian stars including: Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung! Will definitely try and catch this film!! I'm sure it will be awesome to watch! Have heard quite a bit about it. Can now get tix for it as the festival was launched May 5.

More info:
Hero film website:

There's also a 'Hong Kong Action' festival strand which features:
* Initmate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
* Cians of Intrigue
* Infernal Affairs II (prequel to Infernal Affairs I). (Want to catch this one too as I really enjoyed watching Infernal Affairs.

SCOPE: New Media at The Sydney Film Festival: ? refocusing your visual landscape

Part of the 51st Sydney Film Festival program:

"Set your senses at stun for the hottest and freshest multi-faceted program of digital works from the world?s leading digital media practitioners. This exclusive presentation from Australia?s trailblazing dLux media arts, the UK?s onedotzero (the world?s first dedicated digital film festival) and Hong Kong?s Videotage combines to create SCOPE ? a four day festival that will explode your mind.

From dLux media arts, a program of creative screen-based media celebrating emerging talent accompanied by conversations about new directions and current practice.

From onedotzero five stunning programs:
wow + flutter 04 - animation, motion graphics and abstract experimentation
wavelength 04 - graphic and digitally processed music video
j-star 04 - the latest screen-work from Japan
lens flare 04 - computer game graphics meets the cinema
extended play 04 - ground-breaking graphic-fuelled short films

"the future's back. onedotzero, remains the premier destination for seekers of the cutting edge...death to analogue!" Guardian Guide

SCOPE will also present the latest pioneering works from German?s avant-garde artist/filmmaker Harun Farocki.

Scope ? where screen and popular culture collide in their most vibrant and elastic expression.

Dates: June 17 - 20
Presenter: The Studio at Sydney Opera House in association with Sydney Film
Venue: The Studio at The Sydney Opera House


Wednesday, May 5, 2004

The Advance Party: After the Bubble - Contemporary Japanese Theatre (NSW)

WHEN Wednesday 12 May, 7.30pm sharp
WHERE Wharf 2 Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company

"A special Advance Party presentation. Over the last 40 years, huge changes have occurred in Japanese theatre. Affecting its theatre practitioners in every area of expertise, in both traditional and contemporary fields, it has set innumerable challenges for them to cope with in their working lives. In this special forum, presented with the support of The Japan Foundation, Dr Peter Eckersall (Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne and leading researcher in contemporary Japanese theatre) will take us through these changes, and identify some of the very real parallels for Australian theatre practitioners today.

THE ADVANCE PARTY is the bimonthly forum for playwrights, and those interested in the art of playwriting. Evening sessions are interactive, incorporating staged readings, guest speakers, and performance to provoke further discussion.

To reserve seats for THE ADVANCE PARTY (LIMITED tickets cost $5 each)
please contact Sydney Theatre Box Office on: (02) 9250 1777 or via email: and your request will be processed. Tickets can also be purchased on the day, depending on availability."

Source: IF newsletter. Original post:

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Surry Hills Festival

On Saturday 15th May 2004, 9am-6pm. Food and wine stalls, live music, DJs... Crown St between Foveaux St and Devonshire St will be closed to traffic for the festival.

A splendid take on the funny peculiar

Interesting article on Harvey Pekar of 'American Splendor' in the SMH. May try and get to the American Splendor screening at the Dendy Opera Quays as Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, Danielle Batone ie his wife and daughter are going to be there for a Q+A session after the screening! [on May 23, 11am-1pm. Bookings: 9247 3800. Tix are $15/$18]. This is an event of the Sydney Writer's Festival.

Sydney Writer's Festival

It's on from May 17-23, 2004. Website is:

Highlights include:
* SALAM PAX. He lives in Baghdad. His book, The Baghdad Blog, was first published as a diary on the internet from September 2002. It was written at great risk and in complete secrecy. (Salam Pax is a pseudonym.)
* HARVEY PEKAR. He became a cult hero when the film American Splendor, based on his self-published autobiographical comic books, was released. Pekar lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

You can catch both Salam (pseudonym) and Harvey at Alternative Media talk on Saturday, May 22 2004, 13:30 - 14:30, at the Sydney Dance Company 2/3.

Salam will also be speaking at the 'The Blogger from Baghdad' and the 'Iraq - Who's Winning, Who's Losing?' sessions.

Harvey will also be speaking at the 'Comics for Big Kids', 'American Splendor - talk' and the 'American Splendor - Screening' sessions.

Sydney Italian Festival

The Sydney Italian Festival is on from May 11 - June 11, 2004. The festival includes: Food and wine events, Italian Design Week, Italian movies, Italian art and culture, and National Day Celebrations on May 30.

The blurb for the Italian Design Week says: "To celebrate the official opening of Space Furniture's new Sydney showroom, Space and the ICCI will host a week long festival of Italian design, culture and innovation. Talks, architecture tours and design workshops involving international and local designers are scheduled along with exhibitions including Murano glass. Where: 84 O'Riordan St, Alexandria. When: May 11-16.

For more info go to:

Natural Selection online magazine

"Natural Selection is an art reviews magazine edited by Gwynneth Porter and Dan Arps, and based in Auckland, New Zealand, city of snails. It is designed by Warren Olds.

We encourage writers to interpret the "Australasian art reviews" brief loosely if they wish, and to not back off being nepotistic, poetic, fictional, theoretical, obfuscatory, uncertain, epic, lyric, curt, microscopic, myopic - pseudonyms and writing about oneself are all acceptable also; especially artists' writing...

The next deadline is late April 2004, approximately (not officially set yet). Guest editor for Natural Selection #2 is Melbourne artist James Lynch."

Website for Natural Selection is: Thanks Lucas for the link.

Spanish Film Festival 2004

Sydney: 5-16 May, Melbourne 13-23 May. Website for more info:

Pages: Mysterious Ways May Issue #5

Pages is an online fashion magazine produced in Bondi Junction, Sydney. You can 'turn' the pages of this magazine and some of the pages feature animation and movement eg a beetle moving across a page on one spread, and transitions through a few frames on another spread to convey a sense of movement and story. You can go it at: First came across this magazine on Jean Snow's site.

Young Guns seminar review

Went to the Young Guns talk organised by AGDA tonight. It was really great! Don't know why but there were around 20 people there only. Definitely should've been a full house!

I once saw this really innovative, beautiful time lapse photography fashion feature which was basically two horizontal strips on top of each other, each with a different perspective of the a male and a female model and the bottom strip had the position of the bottom half of the models 'moved along' conveying a sense of movement. I have loved that image for years and kept the magazine. It was featured in 'Mu' magazine which was done by Deanne Cheuk. Tonight the image was beamed up onto the big screen and I found out that it was Anthony Geernaert's work! That is so cool!

Also heard Tin Nguyen speak. He is such a charismatic, creative, funny guy! Love his work! He and his friend Ed formed a design company called Tin and Ed. They did 12 covers of Lucky magazine. I have collected all of those issues. I remember seeing them in the record shops etc, and the covers were always so innovative and out there, different, cool. He's a great presenter and tells great stories! He also designed the 100 page guide to the 2004 Next Wave Festival: Unpopular Culture. 18-30 May 2004.

Kasia and Michael's talk was really interesting as well!

Sunday, May 2, 2004

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Fresh blood. Check out the next generation, how they see the world and how they're making their way through the design industry. Fresh faces with fresh ideas, and all part of the crowd of young creatives pushing through. Technology advances, culture changes and each upcoming generation brings about new ideas and methodology.

Anthony Geernaert - photographer, Kasia Wydrowski - senior designer at EVD, Michael Gracey - film director at Babyfoot Productions and Tin Nguyen - illustrator.

ALSO: The 82nd Art Directors Club Award show exhibition is being hosted by Billy Blue and will be open for viewing during the drinks after talk. The exhibition will be open 10am to 8pm until 15 May 2004.

Where: Billy Blue Auditorium, Level 9, Northpoint, North Sydney

Scott Stowell will be speaking around Australia as part of the 5th AGDA International Speaker Tour.
Don't miss out on Scott Stowell's presentation of the work and philosophy at Open, his New York design studio where they "help people figure out what they need to say-and use design to say it in ways that surprise, engage and inform." Scott worked as senior designer for Tibor Kalman's M&Co, and art director for Bennetton's Colours magazine before starting Open in 1998, teaching at Yale and recently serving as Vice-president of AIGA New York.
Open Studio's website:
For further details of the talk in each city, go to:

5 Feature films by the Academy award winning director of Spirited Away.
Where: Valhalla Cinemas, Glebe

Wildlife sightings - spiders, lizards...

Was in Petersham Friday night for some Greek food at Peramas. Came back to the car and saw a huge black spider the size of my palm attached to the passenger side mirror. Then this morning there was a long lizard basking in the sun on the concrete floor of the kitchen. Then went to Piccolo in Balmain for some lunch and sat at a table in the courtyard. Above the next table there was a biggish sized black spider in its web and the the web was bouncing in the wind. A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge huntsman in my letterbox. I put my hand to get the mail and it quickly ran to the other side of the envelope. I saw its claw over the edge and let go of the mail. Maybe it's the time of year or something...