Sunday, December 25, 2005

Get councillors out of planning, watchdog urges

"The building approval process in NSW is so flawed it is open to abuse at almost every stage, the corruption watchdog has found in a damning paper that calls for the drastic reduction of councillors' involvement in the system..."


The Great Escape 2006 - 14-16 April 06

Enjoy 3 days of music, arts, food, market stalls, and more at the Newington Armory, Homebush. Bands include: Silverchair, Something for Kate, Eskimo Joe, Paul Mac, and many other acts.


The Vanguard

You can catch performances by Russell Crowe, Jenny Morris, Vince Jones and more at the Vanguard in Newtown during January 2006.


Technology fuels video weblog boom

"From the Internet counter-culture which spawned blogs and podcasts comes the newest thing in new media: vlogging.

In short video diaries and homemade reality shows, vloggers are using the power of cheap online technology to invite strangers into their lives..."


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Space Furniture sale - till 5 Jan 2006

Space Furniture are having a sale - up to 50% off sale till 5 Jan 2006.
84 O'Riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015. Ph: 02 8339 7588.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random Photography Exhibition 1 Nov - 31 Dec 05

"The exhibition features 29 Sydney-themed images by the 10 award-winning and internationally recognized photographers of Oculi. They are: Narelle Autio, Warren Clarke, Nick Cubbin, Tamara Dean, Glenn Hunt, Jesse Marlow, Nick Moir, Jeremy Piper, Dean Sewell, and Tamara Voninski.

Formed in 2001, this unique photography collective celebrates real lives and real stories that are overlooked by the mainstream media. There are no contrived photo-shoots or art-directed aesthetics, just honesty and an unflinching gaze with their subjects.

At the heart of their photographs, both commissioned projects and personal work, lies a central conviction - to reveal the beauty, wonder and struggle of everyday life; to show the extraordinary in the ordinary. Through the regularly updated website, Oculi showcase their material to the world.

Selected on their ability to inform and inspire, the photographs in 'Random' showcase the Oculi photographers' ten different styles and perspectives together to offer a contemporary Sydney narrative."

"Presented by Oculi & Customs House

From Tuesday 1 November to Saturday 31 December 2005
Monday to Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 12noon-4pm


The Business of Color

Article in Steelcases' 360 ezine on the effects of colour on people.


If you're looking for a cool handmade gift for someone or for yourself, then check out! It's a beautifully presented website and you can buy cool clothing, jewellery, soft furnishings, bags and heaps more from people around the world.

Website tagline: "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade".


Hard-earned dollars won't buy back time

Article in the SMH by Ross Gittins on how we're trading more of our hours for money - but at what personal cost.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Architect designed project homes in Noosa

Elysium Noosa will consist of 189 architect designed houses on 30 hectares when completed. Twelve architects were asked to design houses for particular blocks on this estate.

The architects commissioned by the developer David Pearson of the Pearson Property Group were: Lahz Nimmo, Spence Pearson, Woods Bagot, Cox Rayner, Bligh Voller Nield, Gabriele and Elizabeth Poole, Richard Kirk, Cottee Park, Arkhenfield, Elizabeth Watson Brown, Fairweather Proberts and Bark Design.

Houses in stage one cost $1.25 to $2.65 million, and stage two houses cost $2.25 to $3.35 million each.

The buyers of these houses are not allowed to change any part of the design or finishes of the house.

The Elysium Noosa project was featured in the Domain section of the SMH Dec 10-11, 2005, p8H and 9H.

There is also a website for the project at:

It'd be great if there were top architect designed project homes available in Sydney as an alternative to what some of the project home developers currently offer. It'd also be good if someone could offer them at prices on par of the current offerings as well.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Surface Art, Trinket & Kapau sale - 17-18 Dec

"The Sydney Designers team up for a major pre-Christmas studio sale. Up to 70% off retail prices on samples, seconds and end-of-line stock.

Long Charm Necklaces from $20
Earrings reduced from $80 to $15
Clothing and homewares from $15.00

Get these items, normally found in Australia and New Zealand's leading boutiques, at a fraction of their normal prices.

Cash, Eftpos or Credit Cards ( visa bankcard mastercard) Accepted

Kapau Designer Accessories
86 - 96 Wyndham St (Between Buckland & Henderson St)
Alexandria NSW 2015
P: 02 9699 8113"

When: Saturday 17th December 9am-4pm, Sunday 18th December 10am-3pm.

Surface Art:

Friday, November 25, 2005

Edols Elliott - glassware sale

Edols Elliott consists of Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott. They're really talented glass artists.

They're having their annual Christmas sale which will include wine glasses, vases, prototypes and experiments at or below wholesale prices, on the 10th and 11th of December from 11am to 4pm.

Studio address: 12/111 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW
Ph/fax: 02 9938 6266

Monday, November 21, 2005


Pedestrian is a 'street magazine' in dvd format. They're also about to put the material on their website. The dvd covers fashion, music, art etc. It was started by Oscar Martin and Chris Wirasinha, both in their 20's.

AFR Boss magazine - November 2005 (magazine comes with the Australian Financial Review newspaper) issue did a feature on them. According to that article, they were working at Universal McCann and decided to do their own thing. They spent about $12,000 to buy a camera and and computer and taught themselves how to edit digital video, interviewed Tsubi, got advertisers on board, and then away they went.


Resfest 2005 - Dec 1-6, Sydney

"Get ready to dig into an innovative slate of short films, music videos, features, motion design, live music and guest speakers. Over four months, the festival takes place in over 35 cities in 15 countries, on six continents."

Keep it Curious is this year's festival theme. The program looks really interesting.

Sydney program:

Japanese Film Festival - 28 Nov - 2 Dec, Sydney

Films showing are: Hidden Blade, Hinokio, Go, Beat Kids, Horumaika, Not Yet, Ping Pong Bath Station, and Rampo Noir.

The Japanese Film Festival is being organised by The Japan Foundation, Sydney

Page for more info on individual films:

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hamachi-ya - Pyrmont

Hamachi-ya is one of the places I like to go to for lunch when I'm in the Pyrmont area. They have a lunch special of the day for $13 which includes a drink, miso soup, the main, often with a sashimi salad as well, and some melon for dessert. Their udon soups and rice with topping bowls are also really tasty.

They're at: Cnr Allen & Harris St, 261 Harris St, Pyrmont.
P: 02 9566 2866, 02 9566 2215. They're open for lunch and dinner.

Newtown Festival - Nov 13

Newtown Festival was absolutely packed out last Sunday. It seems to get busier every year. It was a very hot afternoon and it was very packed with people.

Martino Zanotta on Zanotta Italy - furniture - Nov 23

"‘Zanotta came to the fore in the heady days of the 1960s blasting onto the scene with ‘Sacco’, the original bean bag, and ‘Blow’, the world’s first inflatable chair: designs that changed a generation and shaped Zanotta into the likable protagonist
we know today.’

You are invited to celebrate the latest collection from Zanotta. Please join us for some lively discussion – with Karen McCartney, Editor of Inside Out magazine; Anne Watson, Curator of Design and Architecture at the Powerhouse Museum; Kevin Jarrett, Founder and Managing Director of Space Furniture; and Martino Zanotta, head of Zanotta Italy – on the optimism and radical ideas that re-shaped art, design and culture during the 1960s, and the continuing impact on design today."

When: Wednesday 23 November, 2005, 6 for 6.30pm
Where: Space Furniture, 84 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria. Parking Available
RSVP: Friday 18 November, 2005,
Phone 8339 7588"


dfactory - Nov 24 at the Powerhouse Museum

Special viewing of Sonic tai chi @ beta_space – an experimental environment where you can engage with the latest research in art and new technology.
Beta_space is a collaboration between the Powerhouse and the Creativity and Cognition Studios, UTS. more...

Meet at the main entrance to the Museum.

Drinks and music with DJ Sub Bass Snarl in the courtyard

Nell Schofield is back this month to chat with computer games and interactive entertainment experts Michael Young, Stacey Spiegel and Tracy Fullerton. Young is an expert on the use of artificial intelligence techniques, Spiegel is a visionary in interactive entertainment and education and Fullerton spends her time designing computer games and interactives.

More music with DJ Sub Bass Snarl


North Coast of NSW - free holiday pack

Tourism NSW can send you (an address in Australia) a free North Coast of NSW holiday pack with planner, driving map and great accommodation deals.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Snap Shop - 16-20 Nov, North Bondi

"Traditional retail is being given the boot, by Slingfings, and two other designers, Bask and Zaishu. We have joined forces in what is an innovative and sustainable approach to retail. Summer Snap Shop is a 5 day only gallery 'event' relying on word of mouth/street level promotion. It's about finding new and innovative ways to talk to our customers."

Bask - swim wear, homewares, cushions, throws etc: (only splash page on their website at the moment)

Zaishu - Japanese inspired, slot together seat / table / storage box decorated with designs and patterns from around the world which are printed directly onto plantation grown, native Australian Hoop Pine:

Slingfings - bags and clothing made out of reclaimed original vintage materials and manufactured using solar power:

Possible Worlds - 9 March 2006, Adelaide

Architecture Symposium: The Architecture of Imagination

"One of the most important roles of architecture is to visualise how else we may live and work. Whether in our everyday world, or in some other reality, architecture has the role of imagining how other environments might be."

Speakers: Lars Spuybroek (Principal of NOX Architects, Rotterdam), John Bell (Director of FXV, London), Andrew Benjamin (Professor of Critical Theory in Design and Architecture, UTS), Ian McDougall (Principal of Ashton Raggatt McDougall, Melbourne) and Sue Phillips.

An unmissable symposium for anyone interested in the future of design and our cities.

Lars Spuybroek appears as part of the Dutch Dare project.


Thursday, November 3, 2005

Rprsnt conference review

Went to the Rprsnt conference ( on Fri 14th and Sat 15th October at Luna Park, Sydney.

The event was organised by Luca Ionescu and Kevin Vo of Keep Left Studio ( - splash page). They're also the people behind Refill magazine (

Luca chose a lot of the speakers he's met or made contact with via his Refill magazine. He was already very familiar with the designers' work and his admiration and appreciation of their work showed through. So the program had that uniting theme of designers' work he admired. The selection was reaally quite diverse and consisted of designers who were into graffiti art to tattoo and photography to movie titles to textile art. Many of the designers' work had a 'street' or underground, DIY feel to it.

The presentations were delivered in interview format. That worked pretty well. Luca or Jason asked questions of the designers and this was interspersed with the designers' work. They had two large screens on either side, at the front, with one showing the show reel type images and video, and the other screen zoomed in on the designer/s being interviewed. They sat in the middle of the stage on beanbags or lounge chairs to make it look like they were sitting in a casual lounge room.

Supreme/aNYthing/Neckface. Neckface wore a ski-mask. Someone in the audience asked why he wore that and he said because that was who he really was. They produce
skatewear/streetwear. They were drawing since young and basically don't fit into 'conventional' society so they dropped out of school. Neckface said he was already participating in art shows and things and he didn't feel he needed to go to art class to learn what he was already doing. He said that people like his work and ask him to participate in shows and things, and they don't ask him what degrees he has. He was very anti-establishment. Just wanted to do his own thing, do graffiti, skate and stuff.

Collider ( They've completed a lot of commercial film, digital video and design work. They did the McDonald's 'Inner Child' ad. The music was composed especially for that ad campaign.

Marc Atlan ( couldn't make it due to the last minute personal reasons.

Odd Studio ( They consisted of 3 guys. They've worked on the Matrix, Star Wars Episodes II and III, and Superman and heaps of other stuff. They create creatures, monsters etc. They just started creating monsters, creatures etc since they were young and now they're doing it professionally. Their attention to detail is amazing, and they have to study anatomy and have to look closely at gory images all the time to depict their creatures realistically. Sometimes, they're creating bloodied faces etc so they have to look at some images of accidents as well.

An audience member asked about their most unusual gig. One of their clients wanted a cast made of her dead husband so they had to go to the morgue and make a mould of him etc. The client was very appreciative of the piece at the end but the guys said they probably wouldn't want to do that kind of project again.

Angela Boatwright ( She's a photographer who photographs mainly underground, heavy metal bands. She also now represents a few photographers. A few of the speakers spoke of their work appearing in Thrasher magazine including Angela.

She started photographing bands for zines and things since very young and just worked her way up to bigger and bigger gigs from there. She talked about just doing it, and people will see what you're doing and see your passion for it and will want to be a part of it, whether it be knitting mittens or whatever. She had a real dislike for digital photography though as she felt it just isn't like a real, traditional camera.

Ash Boland of Umeric ( Umeric are from NZ and consists of Ash Boland and Von Dekker. Love their illustration work. They've done music video clips, illustration etc.

Elliot 'Askew' O'Donnell ( He's a graffiti artist. He was so passionate about his work. He described his grafitti artwork in great detail and how he loves to collaborate and sometimes you have two or three people working on the same piece of work, and how they add to each other's piece. He explained his style of tagging, the colours used, how to get particular effects, why he did certain bits the way he did, what he was trying to say in certain pieces, the shapes of the letters, the 3d look of some of his work. It was really interesting to hear about. I had never really heard about graffiti art before and was walking back from the train station that night and noticed some graffiti art and took some time to look at it more closely.

Brand New School ( They mix up their mediums and produce film work, they also make things then film them, they do collage work, they do illustration work, photography work etc. They did a series of 10 second clips for MTV and would come up with a different idea for each clip. It's meant to be a mini grab during the commercial break to stop people from channel switching. They also did a similar thing for an international music channel. They mentioned it was great to see the top song in Hungary or Japan, as it's a very different style to the American music videos.

I wrote the above the day after the conference and had intended to write up the rest of the presenters. But haven't come back to this post till now, and it's already been 2 weeks since the conference. I didn't take any notes whilst there as I sometimes find, if you're busy taking notes, you miss a lot of the visual material that is being beamed up onto the screen. They didn't allow any cameras or taping of any part of the conference either. So I'll just list out the remaining presenters and their websites.

But basically it was a good 2 days with diverse range of designers from various design areas. They had a delegates pack too if you bought a ticket for both days and it included a book with the designers' work in it.

Andy Howell. Skateboard gear, streetwear.
Lizzie Finn. Fabrics, sewing, designer, illustrator. - really like her work.
Mister Cartoon. Graffiti art, tatooing.
Estevan Oriol. Photography.
Rob Abeyta. Illustrator.
Pablo Ferro. Titles designer, montage film sequences.

Fabric Printing course

Doing a fabric printing course at the moment. Have had 3 out of 7 lessons already. It's going too quickly. Have silk-screen printed a couple of bags and tried block printing with leaves. It's been really fun to mix up colours, and print the stencil or the object all over the fabric.

Soft toy exhibition Dec 6-23

"Nest Studio is hosting an exhibition of soft toys in the new "real life actual" shop opening in December... So if you happen to be in Adelaide (Australia) at precisely 6pm on December 6.... You must come and enjoy the champaign, nibbles and of course the SOFTIES!"

List of soft toy creators:
Fiona Dalton
Melissa Hicks
Heidi Kenney
Hillary Lang
Christy Martin
Myra Masuda
Julie Paterson
Rosa Pomar
Lyn Roberts
Claire Robertson
Natascha S. Rosenberg
Carly Schwerdt


Nest Studio's blog:

Pittwater Artists Exhibition Nov 26-27

Pittwater Artists Exhbition an exhibition will be held in what was Dorothy Mackeller's House in Lovett Bay, last weekend in November. It will be opened by Tim Storrier.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Copyright talk for graphic designers - 7 Nov

"Hey Man, It's the Fuzz

The law sure can be fuzzy. That's why we've brought you two legal wizards who really understand what's up with the issues facing graphic designers. For most designers these revolve around copyright.

Learn how you can protect your copyright, exploit it, and resolve issues surrounding it. You'll also hear what you can do to ensure your clients protect your work and treat it as a valuable asset. After all, if clients fail to protect their identities they start to devalue design ö and you as designer.

Chris Finn, AGDA's honorary solicitor since 1988, has been a career-long advisor to those in the creative industries, particularly graphic designers. He is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law who lectures part-time to visual arts students in Business Law and Intellectual Property. He's also been a commentator for the Australian Law Reform Commission on the overlap of designs and copyright.

Trevor Choy is a trade mark expert and a principal of Choy Lawyers, which focuses exclusively on the development and protection of brands. Choy Lawyers acts for advertising agencies and consumer product companies and has been ranked as Highly recommended" in this area by Legal Profiles. In 2005, Choy Lawyers won Best Intellectual Property Law Firm at the Australian Law Awards.

Forget the fuzz, find out the facts.

Monday, 7th November
Australian Museum cnr College & Williams Streets
East Sydney (entrance William Street)
5.45pm for 6.00pm start

AGDA members $25 (Please bring your membership cards)
Non members $40
AGDA student members $10 (Please bring your membership cards)
Student non members $20
All prices include gst

RSVP Robyn
Telephone 9955 3955
Facsimile 9955 0566

Monday, October 31, 2005

Film Screening: Music and War

FILM SCREENING: Music and War, Wednesday 9 November, 6.30pm, Dendy Opera Quays

"Don't miss this special opportunity to hear film-maker George Gittoes in person. For one night only, George Gittoes offers a personal insight into his film-making, screening excerpts from his films Soundtrack to War and the forthcoming Rampage. Gittoes’ work explores zones of conflict, from Baghdad to the streets of Miami, viewed through the everyday lives of people and their love of music.

Admission: $25/$20 MCA Members and Ambassadors/Dendy Club Members.
Bookings: 02 9247 3800 ($2.20 booking fee applies on telephone sales)."

Friday, October 21, 2005

Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days tv show

Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days show screens on Channel 10 at 10-11pm. It's worth watching! The first show screened last week. It featured Morgan and his fiancee Alex trying to survive on a minimum wage jobs. It highlighted how many Americans in one of the richest nations in the world, are still living on the poverty line and how hard it is for them to make ends meet day to day, and highlights the pressure, stress and strain it can have all their family life.

Tonight's show was on Anti-aging and followed one guy's journey to try and reverse the aging process at age 34. He was given hormone growth treatment, testosterone, and lots of supplements to take, as well as a fitness and weights trainer. Some of the medication started to have side-effects on the guy's body. He decided to stop the treatments after 21 days. It seemed like the exercise and diet did him a lot of good anyway. Not sure about the other things though.

30 Days website:

Morgan Spurlock's blog:

Yohji Yamamoto film: Notebook on cities and clothes

Notebook on cities and clothes (1989) (79 mins)
"Explore the world of fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto through the lens of director Wim Wenders. In this documentary Wenders shows the designer at work in Tokyo and Paris on a quest to reveal his design language."

Free with Museum entry, 2.00pm every Saturday and Sunday.


The films of Charles and Ray Eames at the Powerhouse Museum

Powers of ten (1977)
The ultimate Eamsian expression of systems and connections and arguably the most celebrated film produced by two of the 20th century’s greatest designers.

901: After 45 years of working (1968)
This film examines the richness of the Eames’ life and documents their famed work space in California.

2.00pm every weekday, 46 mins in total, Kings Cinema.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jeweller Jacqueline Lillie speaks 22 Oct, Powerhouse Museum

"Vienna-based jeweller Jacqueline Lillie is renowned for her exquisite beaded creations, which have found their way into museum collections around the world, including the Powerhouse. A typical piece might contain thousands of minute antique Bohemian glass, metal or pearl beads. Her influences are diverse – from the aesthetics of the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivists to the beadwork of the Masai and Yoruba. This is a rare opportunity to hear and see the work of a jeweller of such international repute."

Saturday 22 October, 3.30pm, Coles Theatre. Free with Museum entry. Tel 9217 0222 for further information.


China wins noodle war

An archaeology team "discovered 4000-year-old long boiled strands of noodles protected by an upside-down bowl, embedded in a fine clay on a terrace of the Yellow River at Lajia, northwestern China.

The find proves the Chinese were shaping flour into noodles and boiling them for the plate at least 2000 years before the practice first emerged in Italy."

Their finding was published in the British journal Nature.


Monday, October 17, 2005

4th Domain speakers' webcasts

You can now listen to the webcasts of people who have spoken at the 4th Estate Domain Media and Technology talks.

Previous speakers include:

- Siimon Reynolds, Creative Director of Love Communications
- Alan Bowman, General Manager, Microsoft Home and Entertainment for Asia Pacific and Greater China Region
- Nic JonesNic Jones, MD, NEWS Interactive
- Martin Hoffman, CEO, ninemsn


Better Architectural Practice - Legal Things Every Architect Should Know

"Sydney East Architects invites you to hear

CHRISTOPHER LARCOS: Better Architectural Practice - Legal Things Every Architect Should Know

2 hours formal CE points

Tuesday 1 December
Randwick Rugby Club 102-104 Brook Street Coogee
5.30pm: register, relax and talk
6pm (prompt start): seminar

Christopher Larcos has degrees in both architecture and law. He worked in an architectural capacity for about 20 years before taking up law, and is now both a registered architect and a practicing solicitor. He is a Fellow of the RAIA, is a member of the Practice Committee of the NSW Chapter, contributes to the Practice Notes, presents at the PALS course, and is with the RAIA Senior Counsellor service. He presently works as a solicitor in the Construction Law Group of Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

Chris will discuss a range of topics that will probably include:

Document management - when is it OK to shred your files?
The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act - traps and tricks.
The Home Building Act - why you can't ignore it.
Contract Annexures - the devil is in the detail.
Subcontractor's Statements - what is it, and why your client needs it.
Occupational Health and Safety - who is the principal contractor, and why it matters to your client.
BCA compliance certificates - please put your head in this noose.
Tendering - disasters I have seen.
Extensions of time - when you should unilaterally extend time.
ABIC Final certificates - what were they thinking of?
$20 per person, includes finger foods and tea & coffee; drinks will be available at the bar.

email Agi Sterling"

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Web Essentials 05 Podcasts

The Web Essentials conference took place Sep 29 and 30. You can now listen and view the speakers' presentations free by downloading the podcasts and the slides of the conference.

International speakers included Jeffrey Veen and Eric Meyer. The conference covered the "latest developments in web design, development, user experience and accessibility, workflow and strategy, with in depth sessions on CSS, XHTML, emergent semantics, Javascript, AJAX, and much more."

W: and

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

NSW KM Forum: Marcus Gibson, Bovis Lend Lease

"Getting People To Talk To Each Other and Knowledge Management
Made Easy?

Important note: If you plan to attend, please RSVP by e-mail to

This month's forum meeting features three speakers:

Marcus Gibson, Bovis Lend Lease - Getting People To Talk To Each Other

WHAT: Marcus Gibson will be presenting a case-study based on Lend
Lease's experience over the past 4 years implementing a global team of
full-time knowledge brokers to activate sharing of knowledge by
employees and drive buy-in to the service at all levels of the
business. He will cover: Features and benefits of a facilitated,
demand-driven KM model;Implementing dedicated knowledge brokers;
Engaging management, demonstration of value and changing culture;
Risks and difficulties of facilitated KM. Lend Lease is a leading real
estate services business, having developed,constructed and managed
real estate assets around the world for over 45 years.

WHO: Before joining Lend Lease in 2001, Marcus Gibson held various
roles in communications, ICT and knowledge. He has been a software
developer, venture capital facilitator, corporate valuation liaison
officer, and knowledge officer for a global clinical research
organization. In communications, he has worked in film, TV and radio,
as a corporate spokesperson (Nestle) and an author. Since joining Lend
Lease in 2001, Marcus has been responsible for development of internal
solutions for global financial reporting, fund modeling, business
development, project control, collaboration, and knowledge.

Lauren Allen, HLA Envirosciences & Steven Layer, Weblogics -
Knowledge Management Made Easy?

WHAT: Lauren Allen from HLA Envirosciences
will be presenting their KM implementation Experience. She will put
some focus on how they are using KM as a vehicle for their communities
of practice and discuss direct business benefits. Lauren will be joined by
Steven Layer from Weblogics.

WHO: Lauren Allen in the Information Manager at HLA Envirosciences .
HLA Envirosciences is the leading Environmental Sciences Services
organisation in Australia. Steven Layer is the MD of Weblogics.

Meeting Details:

WHEN: 5.30pm for 6pm-7.30pm, Thursday 6th October 2005.
WHERE: Standards Australia, 286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
HOW MUCH: Free! If you plan to attend, please RSVP by e-mail to"


Gleebooks: Tony & Maureen Wheeler 14 Oct

Tony & Maureen Wheeler speak about their new book:

"Tony and Maureen Wheeler established Lonely Planet Publications in 1973 to self-publish their Asia overland guidebook. From this kitchen table start, the business has grown to be the world's largest travel publisher. A unique mix of autobiography, business book and travel book, Once While Travelling: The Lonely Planet Story traces the authors' personal story, as well as the story of how they built their business, and includes a fascinating insight into some of the unusual places they have travelled.

Tony and Maureen Wheeler set out on a year-long trip around the world, with the intention of getting the travel bug out of their systems. After following the 'hippie trail' from England across Asia to Australia, they recognised the need for a new sort of travel guide to suit the new breed of laid-back, independent travellers. More than 30 years later, they are the owners of one of the world's largest, most successful and best-loved independent travel publishers."

WHEN: Friday 14th October, 6.30 for 7pm
WHERE: Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
COST: $9/$6 conc, gleeclub welcome
TO BOOK: please phone gleebooks - 9660 2333 or Request a place


AGDA: Tin and Ed and Grenville Turner speak at Aust Museum 10 Oct

"Lamingtons and pavs, eskis and hills hoists, tin and ed, wildlight and grenville · all Aussie icons of a sort. The first couple of pairings need no introduction (and will get none, not a word). About the last couple you'll hear more from the horse's mouth on the night. The first are young would-be icons; the last a little longer in the tooth.

Tin and Ed sound more like a book by Hergé but are actually the blokes behind tin&ed, the young Melbourne graphic design studio responsible for the off the wall identity for cult bag manufacturers' Crumpler. They describe their work as residing in the Îemotive space between the mundane and the obscure, the sinister and the childlike, the sarcastic and the earnest'.

Wildlight Photo Agency captures the best of real Australia in images. Grenville Turner, one of Wildlight's network of photographers, has exhibited widely here and abroad, worked with the leading advertising agencies and contributed to the big names of world magazine publishing. His recording of heat, light and distance and how these impact the people and wildlife that live in our remote places offers an insight into what makes up the Australian experience.

Date: Monday 10 October, 2005

Venue: Australian Museum, Cnr William and College Streets, East Sydney (entry off William Street, 5.45 for 6pm start

Cost: AGDA Members $25, Non-members $40, AGDA Student Members $10,
Student Non-members $20, All prices include GST

RSVP: Robyn, Tanya or Amanda, T 9955 3955, F 9955 0566, E


Popcorn Taxi: Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Adaptation 24 Oct

With special guest filmmaker direct from the USA, Chris Strompolos.

Monday, October 24th, 2005 - 7:30pm
Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, Bent St, Moore Park

"In 1981 on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, three kids decided to remake the biggest summer hit of the season shot by shot, scene for scene... Steven Spielberg's RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK... They were just eleven years old. Seven years later they finished, and nearly twenty years on their Adaptation is re-discovered...

After sell-out festival screenings from Texas to Germany that left audiences raving, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - THE ADAPTATION arrives in Australia for an exclusive Popcorn Taxi event - a never to be repeated screening of the entire film, followed by an on-stage interview and audience Q&A.

After the screening, co-director and star CHRIS STROMPOLOS joins us to tell the remarkable story behind the making of this 'ultimate backyard movie', including the details on the filmmakers private meeting with Spielberg, and how art imitating art is now imitating life, with Hollywood developing the kids 'making of' story into a feature film for Paramount Pictures.

Due to strict contractual obligations placed on the film from Raiders copyright owners Lucas Film, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - THE ADAPTATION has been granted a limited number of festival screenings, where the filmmaker must be in attendance. This will most likely be your only chance to ever see this film.

Popcorn Taxi would like to thank SHOWFILM and HOYTS for their generous support in making this program possible. Limited tickets are on sale now. We strongly recommend you grab one before they're all gone!

For more information about this film, check out

popcorn taxi
Rating: Unclassified R18+
Time: 7.30pm
Date: Monday, October 24th, 2005
Where: Hoyts Entertainment Quarter [Formerly Fox Studios]
Address: Bent St, Moore Park
Entry: $18 / $15 conc.

To buy a ticket via phone - Call (02) 9332 1633
To buy a ticket online - CLICK HERE

Please Note: Online and phone ticket sales will end at 5:30pm on the night of the event (if not already sold out). Any remaining tickets will be available directly from the cinema box office from 6:30pm on the night."

Also screening in Melbourne.


Metropolis 2006 Next Generation design competition

"Metropolis seeks to identify the next generation of Big Ideas by the next generation of designers. We offer $10,000 to an individual or team of designers seeking to develop a Big Idea that will make our designed environment better, safer, and more sustainable. The Next Generation Design Competition was established in 2003 to recognize and encourage activism, social involvement, and entrepreneurship among designers."

There are links to the past winners and finalists' projects at the Metropolis magazine's website as well as a link to a pdf of the application form.


Monday, October 3, 2005

Containers & Fields: East Darling Harbour Urban Design Competition entries

A Slidenight Super Series > Every Tuesday in October \4\11\18\25
CONTAINERS & FIELDS | East Darling Harbour Urban Design Competition entries.

"Over 130 teams entered the East Darling Harbour competition with five teams selected to Stage 2. That leaves a lot of great material in the third drawer down. Slidenight is sifting through the brilliant, the extreme and possibly half baked, putting together a quick response 4x4 program to give these ideas, schemes and dreams for this special site a bit more air.

Each week 4 teams will present their proposals and exhibit their site models. Week 1 (October 4) starts with entries by teams: Rod Simpson/Craig Allchin, MacInteractive, Lacoste & Stevenson and Marcus Trimble (aka Gravestmor).

Other teams coming up include Tony Caro, Turner Associates, Johnson Pilton Walker, Tom Rivard, McGregor Partners and many more. The full program will be available on the website very soon so keep an eye on that.

The location is the rooftop of the Palisade Hotel overlooking the site. Short, sharp, insightful presentations are the order of the night. Talking begins at dark followed by beer and sangria-fuelled discussion. Note: We will be outdoors on a rooftop. It might get chilly. Dress warmly! If it rains we will have to relocate downstairs where it will be squishy but very intimate.
*Includes a ‘one-evening-only exhibition’ of each teams site models.

Starting Tuesday 4 October 2005 | On the roof of the Palisade Hotel, 35 Bettington, Millers Point
From 6pm | All tickets $10 at the door. Absolutely limited to 100 (No bookings - first come, best dressed, overly keen, first served.)
Cash bar available |


SMH Good Food Month - October 2005

This event is in it's 8th year.

"There are plenty of the old favourites like our first event The Good Living Growers’ Market, Hat’s Off and Let’s do Lunch. The Night Noodle Markets have a new venue in Hyde Park and start in the first week and there are several new events this year.

Remember to book early for events as numbers are limited and some events may well be booked out already. With cooking classes, special tours, cocktails, dinners, markets, lunches and late night desserts there is something for everyone."


Woven Forms: Contemporary basket making in Australia

Basket by Dorothy Dullman, Badjkid (Basket), 2005, Dyed pandanus

OBJECT GALLERY 17 September – 13 November
"Woven Forms unfurls the diversity and richness of contemporary basket making. Here, find resplendently colourful spinifex and pandanus fibre alongside plastics and metals from inventive indigenous and non-indigenous artists. From the world’s most desirable shopping baskets to fish traps to indescribable organic creations, Woven Forms is the definitive experience of what’s happening right now in basket-making."

"Dr Louise Hamby of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the ANU, will provide an intimate glimpse into basket making, both historical and contemporary, to coincide with Woven Forms at Object Gallery and 6 Strands at the Australian Museum."

Monday 17 October 2005, 6-7:30pm
Australian Museum Theatrette, 6 College Street, Sydney (opposite Hyde Park)
Free admission, bookings essential.
To book please contact Carolyn Johnstone on telephone: 02 9361 4555; or email:

Chalk the Walk: Pavement Art Festival 28-30 Oct

"On the 28th, 29th & 30th of October artists from around Australia will gather on Sydney’s Pyrmont Bridge to take part in the inaugural Chalk the Walk Festival, bringing the side walk alive with colour.

The walk bridge will be transformed into a pavement canvas adorned with 30 individual chalk artworks in our search for the Champion Pavement Artist.

Chalk the Walk will select 30 Australian & International Artists to compete. Each will be designated a space measuring approximately 2m x 3m to showcase their talents to Sydney. The rich display of colour and diversity in styles will invariably stop pedestrians in their tracks.
Be inspired! Become involved! Make your way to Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour 28 - 30 October 2005!"


Short Soup - International Short Film and Food Festival 2005

"Date: 28 - 30 October 2005
Tantalise your senses at Short Soup International Short Film and Food Festival. Over three nights, feast your eyes on short films from while you transport your taste buds with the finest multicultural cuisine.

Friday night ‘Entrée’ showcasing the work of young and first-time filmmakers (15+).
Saturday night ‘Main Course’ outstanding short films from around the globe (G).
Sunday night ‘Dessert’ featuring experimental and counter-culture shorts aimed at an adult audience (18+)."

Venue: The Overflow, Sydney Olympic Park
Time: Food from 6pm, Films from 8pm
Age: Friday and Saturday nights, all ages, Sunday night 18+
Cost: Films FREE
More information: Call 02 9714 7888.
Parking: Pre-Booked parking is available through Ticketek - visit or call 132 849. Casual parking is available for $3 per hour or $15 per day maximum.
Public Transport: Contact Transport Infoline or call 131 500 for further information.


Animania Festival Sydney - Oct 8 & 9

"Animania Festival is a two day gathering of people who are interested in Animation and the Japanese Culture. There are panels which are excellent for learning about many aspects of Anime and Japanese Culture; events such as Karaoke and Cosplay (Masquerade); where you can find Anime-related merchandise; the RPG (Role Playing Games), Console games; Anime theatres which show Anime for the duration of the Festival."

Where: Sydney Town Hall. Tickets cost $30 standard, $18 for children 5-12 years.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Communication Arts - Interactive Annual Issue

38 winning projects were selected by the judges assembled by Communication Arts magazine. The entries included web sites, kiosks, cd-rom projects PDA's. The weblink below lists the winning projects with comments and links to the projects or websites.

Further detail can be found in the September/October 2005 Interactive Annual Issue of Communication Arts magazine.


Bar Italia - Leichhardt

Fusilli Vesuvio and Pasta Carbonara featured

Bar Italia is a very popular, casual hangout place. You first find a table inside or in the nice courtyard at the back, and then you queue up to order one of their yummy pastas and then a few minutes later, your order is brought to you. It's also got good hot chocolates, iced chocolates and a gelato counter with lots of really yummy flavours. It's one of those places that always seems full of people at all times of the day. It's also very good value. The pasta dishes are around $9.50.

Leichhardt is easy to get to as well by bus. It's located in the inner west and is about 15 minutes drive from the CBD. It is the Italian quarters of Sydney. There are cinemas, bookshops, Italian grocers, gelato shops, cafes and lots of restaurants along Norton St.

Address: 169 Norton St, Leichhardt. P: 02 9560 9981

Documentary: Ghibli - The Miyazaki Temple - tonight on SBS TV 10-11pm

"The documentary presents Japanese animated cinema through a journey into the universe of director Hayao Miyazaki and his Ghibli studio. Hayao Miyazaki is one of Japan's greatest animation directors.

The entertaining plots, compelling characters and breathtaking animation in his films have earned him international renown from critics as well as both national and international recognition.

Clips from Miyazaki's latest films, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and The Grave of the Fireflies, shows what has influenced Japanese animation over the years and what differentiates it from Western animation.

Through interviews with fellow Ghibli filmmaker Isao Takahata, Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki and French comic artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, we get to know the man who delivered some of the most inspiring visuals and incomparable landscapes and characters ever seen in animation. (From France, in Japanese and French, with English subtitles)"

Blurb source:

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cafe de Macau - Eastwood

Went to Eastwood yesterday. Saw a new cafe had opened and there were people queuing up to get a table. So we thought we'd try it out. The name of the cafe is: Cafe de Macau - New Generation Eatery.

The meals were v.good value. The servings were large, and the food was fresh. It was kind of a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Portugese, and Australian. An example is the beef stew with tomato and spaghetti. It tasted a bit like Napolitana sauce but it also had a some Asian sauce taste in it as well. So it tasted a bit Italian and a bit Chinese which was interesting and a bit different.

They had just baked some Portugese custard tarts so they brought them around the tables so we tried two of those too. It was really nice. Mains were around the $8.90 to about $13.90 mark approximately.

Tried a pineapple float drink and that was pretty nice too. It had pineapple pieces with pineapple juice at the bottom, ice in the middle then a scoop of ice-cream at the top. The interior was contemporary with plasma screens on the walls showing Hong Kong TV (I think).

Address: 1 Trelawney St, Eastwood, NSW 2122. Ph: 02 9858 1366.

The nearest train station is Eastwood station. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants and great value noodle and congee type restaurants there, Chinese bakeries, Chinese groceries, Chinese BBQ shops selling Peking ducks, soy sauce chicken, and more in Eastwood.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

d factory: Japanese fashion - 29 Sep


6pm – 6.30pm
Drinks and music in the Café with DJ

6.30 – 7.15pm - Japanese fashion
S!X fashion label founders and designers Denise Sprynskyj and Peter Boyd from RMIT join Powerhouse curator Louise Mitchell to pay tribute to the Museum’s latest exhibition The cutting edge: fashion from Japan and discuss the far-reaching influence of Japanese fashion and textile design. Also featured is hot young Japanese designer Masahiro Nakagawa from 20471120 fashion label and Tokyo Recycle Project fame.

Hosted by SBS presenter and devotee of Japanese design Lee Lin Chin.

7.15 - 8.30pm
More music by DJ Nick Wishart
+ a presentation of recent student design projects from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Sydney."

WHEN: Thursday 29 September 2005, 6.00pm – 8.30pm
WHERE: Powerhouse Museum, Courtyard Café – enter via Macarthur Street


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scratch Night #4 Emergence 11-12 Oct

"Our popular series of new experimental projects returns with an even more interactive twist. Not only do you get to have coffee and conversation with the cast and crew after the show, but – strap yourselves in – this time you get to call the shots during it!

Emergence is a daring new work in interactive audio-visual theatre where you must choose how the story unfolds over four screens.

The Synarcade collective – a group of fearless new multimedia artists – will take you into an immersive world of film, VJamming, theatre, electrojazz and giant puppets. And no two shows will be the same!

In traditional film, the director controls the narrative and the audience takes a back seat. But what happens if these roles are reversed? How would you react if you were suddenly in control of the narrative? What decisions would you make? How would you interact with the work and the other audience members?

Emergence asks these questions, you answer them!

We encourage you to attend more than one show to experience how the different narratives unfold.

Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 October at 8.30pm
Wednesday 12 October at 6.30pm and 8.30pm

All tickets $15

Special offers apply when puchasing tickets for more than one Scratch night performance. Contact the Box Office on +61 2 9250 7777 or email for more details.

+ Booking fees may apply"

Presenter: The Studio at Sydney Opera House
Venue: The Studio


Mark Latham interview transcript

Andrew Denton interviewed Mark Latham on Enough Rope. The transcript of the that show which screened on 19/9/05 is now on the ABC website. Interesting read.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Marrickville Festival 2005

It was a great turnout at the Marrickville Festival. Got there after 1pm. There were three stages of entertainment, lots of food stalls like Turkish Gozleme, Danish pancakes, freshly made profiteroles, fairy floss, as well as some other trinkety stalls, community stalls, as well as the usual Asian food, electrical, clothing, fabric, fruit shops that are always there.

Have uploaded more 25 photos over at Flickr.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Slidenight is back! Flores Prats: Adapting Spaces

"The projects of Barcelona firm Flores Prats have evolved through an operative drawing methodology adapted from the office of Enric Miralles. Less about representation, it is a technique that enables the project to emerge through a process of over-drawing in plan. It is initiated as a mapping of the groundplane, whereby all the conditions of the context are ascribed the same importance. Adapted by Flores Prats, this methodology is reflected in their approach to architecture and design teaching, here they will discuss their work and ideas through a number of built and conceptual projects.

Tuesday 27 September – [Hurry! tickets very limited].
The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney
7–9pm | General $10 Conc/Members $7* (includes a complimentary drink) |
Cash bar available too | Bookings essential T 02 8239 2211 | Nights at the Mint always sell out...

A collaboration between UNSW and the Historic Houses Trust and Slidenight.

*After the Flores Prats talk, grab a drink and check out the architectural exhibition BETWEEN ORGANISED LEISURE & PLAY. The exhibition consisting of the students drawings and models will be on display in the corridors of The Mint. Guided by local architects Eva Prats, Adolf Soccato with Sydney architects Rachel Neeson and Mariam Gusheh, thirty two architecture students from UNSW studied four sites in Barcelona; urban scars within a largely intact historical fabric and asked – how must the ‘contemporary’ be shaped by the condition of the medieval? Students were invited to mentally inhabit the old city constructing an imaginative meander through the existing fabric via tracings of historical maps. The site was read as a fragment of the broader urban context, generating forms in response to considerations of urban connectivity, street edge conditions and relationship to adjacent buildings and scale."


End of Harris St, Pyrmont

View of the water

There's a couple of restauarants at the end of Harris St, Pyrmont. There's quite a few places to eat along Harris St towards the water end. There's the Sugar Room at the water's edge. There's Hennessy's On Harris which is a comfy, casual cafe with an outdoor area, a Thai and Japanese restaurant next to that, and further up, there are other pubs, Nitan Wokstation - good Thai food!, a flower shop, Simon Johnson's fine foods, and a French patesserie, and moving even further up Harris St, there's Concrete and the fishmarkets nearby.

Shaolin Soccer

Kung Fu Hustle was really fun to watch so thought I'd see what other films Stephen Chow had written. Found Shaolin Soccer at the local video shop. It was fun to watch too. The two films have a very similar cast. It must be good fun to be able to get your mates together for film projects.


Bust is over so sit back, wait for the next boom

Article in the SMH about how the Sydney property has "bottomed out" and will be back on it's way up. A few industry people talk about the traditional boom-bust cycle.


Chic new makeover plan for inner city

Article in the SMH about how the areas of Redfern, Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh will be "revitalised".

The four year plan will include: "$20 million on upgrades of the shopping areas along Redfern and Regents streets, scheduled for completion by late 2007.

The council's revamp will be supported by projects worth hundreds of millions being planned by the Redfern Waterloo Authority, the statutory body headed by Planning Minister Frank Sartor.

The recreation component of Ms Moore's plan involves an $11 million revamp of Prince Alfred Park, including a 50-metre swimming pool, a $500,000 upgrade of the skate park in Waterloo Park as well as $1 million upgrading three parks in the Eveleigh area and three in East Redfern..."


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Irish Film Festival 2005 - 23-25 Sep in Sydney

The Irish Film Festival will be screening at the Cinema Paris, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney.

It will also be screening in Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St, Carlton, Melbourne.


Greek Film Festival 2005 - 8-25 Sep

The 13th Greek Film Festival of Sydney is on at the Palace cinema, Norton St, Leichhardt. The films will also be screening in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.


Freedom Festival 05 - Sat 24 Sep

"A national music event to raise awareness of Amnesty International Australia's Stop Violence Against Women campaign featuring Ursula Rucker (Philadelphia, USA), Ben Mono (Munich, Ger) and Jah'licious (Auckland, NZ)."

The Civic Hotel, cnr Pitt & Goulburn Sts, Sydney
40 artists, 4 stages, 3 levels. 8pm-6am.


The Malaya restaurant

It was a gorgeously warm, sunny day today so we headed down to King St Wharf. Had lunch at the Malaya. The food was nice.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Melbourne International Arts Festival 6-22 October

"Melbourne International Arts Festival is one of Australia's leading international arts festivals and has an outstanding reputation for presenting unique international and Australian events in the fields of dance, theatre, music, visual arts, multimedia, free and outdoor events over 17 days each October."


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ACP: Martin Parr Celebrity Lecture - 8 Oct

"ACP is proud to present the world-famous photographer, Martin Parr.

One of the most influential and innovative photographers of his generation, Marin Parr's witty, unblinking insights into contemporary life combine biting irony with a fondness for the people they record. A controversial member of the celebrated Magnum group, his photographs feature in newspapers and magazines throughout the world and his work has been exhibited in galleries in every continent. He has published 16 monographs, made numerous films for television and a video clip for the Pet Shop Boys. In 2004 he was artistic director of the Rencontres d'Arles, the longest running and most prestigious photographic festival in the world.

This is Martin Parr's only Sydney appearance. Seats are limited for this special guest lecture. Book your place early.

Please email your name and the number of seats (maximum 4 per person) you would like to reserve to the following address:

or call 9332 1455 ext 204

Saturday 8 October 2005
Paddington & Woollahra RSL,
Oxford Street, Paddington
3.00pm FREE


Popcorn Taxi: The Magician + Q&A - tonight Wed 14 Sep

"Popcorn Taxi presents a sneak preview of this outstanding, critically acclaimed first feature from Melbourne filmmaker SCOTT RYAN.

Shot for just $3000, The Magician is not only a rivetting, original and funny take on the criminal underword it's also a test-case for what is possible when a strong script, innovation and digital technology collide. Join the filmmakers for this special Popcorn Taxi as it explores the behind the scenes story of how a 'little student piece' was able to not only attract A-list production talent but also major support from a significant distributor and financing from the AFC and FFC.

'When Melbourne hitman Ray Shoesmith discovers that his nextdoor neighbour is a film student, he commissions him to document his life - and more specifically, his job, which essentially involves, er, killing people. But Ray is no mere thug. Rather, he's a thinker, not to mention something of a motormouth, forever quizzing his victims about arcane points of trivia, or debating issues of questionable import. Is AFL legend Wayne Carey morally bankrupt? Was Clint Eastwood really in The Dirty Dozen? Darkly comic, and almost certainly destined for cult status, this no-budget mockumentary (think Man Bites Dog meets Dogme) boasts an hilarious script and a showstopping central performance from actor-writer-director Ryan.'
- The Edinburgh International Film Festival

After the screening join Writer/Director/Producer/Actor SCOTT RYAN and Producers MICHELE BENNETT live on-stage and NASH EDGERTON (via phone from Europe) for an interview and audience Q&A."

Wednesday, September, 14th, 2005 - 7:30pm


Margo Kingston's Web Diary's new location

Margo Kingston used to write a blog for the SMH. She left the SMH as she wanted to operate the blog in a different way to the Fairfax way. This is a link to the transcript of an interview Media Report's Richard Aedy did with Margo Kingston about her decision to go it alone and her vision for the blog.


High-class kitchens are no place for steak and three veg

"ASK any architect or interior designer and they'll tell you that the finer a kitchen's joinery, the more expensive the benchtop and the pricier the European appliances, the less likely the kitchen is going to be used...

High KUR (kitchen use ratio) kitchens typically see little or no activity during the working week, because breakfast is a cuppa and a pastry on the way to work, lunch is in the office and dinner is at a restaurant, run-of-the-mill takeaway, or a reheated "homecooked" prepacked gourmet meal from the local deli..."


Dirty power plants making millions out of green scheme

"NSW taxpayers are being charged millions of dollars by a State Government scheme that aims to cut greenhouse gases but has done little other than provide windfall gains for some of Australia's dirtiest power stations..."

SMH article:

Murdoch has fresh go at mastering the web

Article in the SMH about Rupert Murdoch strategising how to make money on the web.

"It is of little surprise that Murdoch is approaching the internet with new-found urgency. Advertising dollars are rapidly migrating online. Jupiter Research recently forecast the online advertising market would reach $US18.9 billion by 2010, compared with $US9.3 billion at the end of 2004, at the expense of traditional media. The adoption of broadband means that consumer habits are fast changing, especially among the young...

Now, the News boss has spoken of his intent to build a network that will "redefine the portal". In an April speech to American newspaper editors he said: "We have to refashion what our web presence is. It can't just be what it too often is today: a bland re-purposing of our print content. The challenge for us is to create an internet presence compelling enough for users to make us their home page."

He went on to pursue two themes - the provision of deeply local and personalised news and the creation of "virtual communities" linking coverage to blogs and opening up sites to feedback..."


Monday, September 12, 2005

Bondi Junction Westfields

It's easy to live in Sydney and just hang out in your usual 'spots' and go to your usual few cafes, cinemas, bookshops etc. In the suburbs you usually have a Westfields or other major shopping centre where you can get your groceries, watch a movie, buy a book, and get something to eat. And in places like Glebe and Newtown, you can still go to Broadway or head into the CBD, or walk along King St and do the same things, but hopefully see some more alternative, ethnic and orignal things as well.

So I thought I may start venturing out a bit more every now and then to see 'more' of Sydney.

Thought I'd visit the Westfields in Bondi Junction as I'd heard that it was quite 'exclusive' and had attracted a number of brand name retailers into the centre.

The food court was pretty nice looking. It featured dark wood panelling and had views to the Harbour Bridge. It had the feel of the interior of an expensive restaurant. The food was displayed beautifully.

They also have a number of high end fashion, food and design retailers. Pepe's Paperie had some nice wrapping paper and cards available. Plenty had some nice kitchenware things. Other shops like Alannah Hill (women's fashion), kikki.K (stationery), T2 (teas) and heaps of other brand names can also be found there.

Many of these shops can be found along Oxford St, Paddington or the CBD anyway, but I guess if I were a tourist, it's a convenient place to visit, to shop for local and international labels and other goods all in the one place. Also a good place to go if you're looking for a label prezzie.


The Idler - Issue 35

Saw a copy of 'the Idler' Issue 35 titled 'War on Work' at the 'Better Read Than Dead' bookshop in Newtown. I heard Tom Hodgkinson being interviewed on TV in Stockholm and then had a look at his website.

The Idler magazine comes in the form of a paperback book and is beautifully illustrated and designed. The articles in it are fun and thoughtful to read also.

Haven't finished the reading the 224 pages yet, but there's a really cool article titled: 'Seven Steps to the Idle Life' by Dan Kieran.

Step One: Give up ever wanting to be rich
Step Two: Rid yourself of debt
Step Three: Don't buy useless crap you don't need
Step Four: Ditch your pension
Step Five: Work part-time
Step Six: Do that thing you've always dreamt of doing
Step Seven: Take the test

Wish the article was on their website as it's a really good read. The article is mainly about the getting of wisdom, being happy by doing what you love doing, rather than spending too many hours in a job you hate and then buying lots of things you don't need in order to feel better.

Similar ideas in the book titled: 'Your Money or Your Life' by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

The Idler website:
The Better Read Than Dead bookshop is at 265 King St, Newtown:

Primavera 2005: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists 7 Sep- 13 Nov

"Offering a truly national vision of contemporary art this year, Primavera 2005 includes a very diverse range of artistic styles and backgrounds - and of course signals a new wave of young artists to watch out for. For the first time ever, Primavera – the MCA’s annual exhibition of work by artists 35 and under – will this year include artists from remote areas of Australia alongside those from urban centres.

And in keeping with the scope of this year’s show, it is also the first Primavera to tour across Australia including NSW, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Over the last two years the focus has moved from new media to everyday materials and this year features painting, a medium with a long tradition yet endless powers of renewal. Under the direction of guest curator Felicity Fenner Primavera 2005 connects with the well-established genre of painting landscape, which is questioned and re-interpreted by a young generation of artists in response to current political and environmental concerns. Primavera has been a feature of the MCA program since its inception in 1992.

Artists included are: Monika Behrens (NSW), Madeleine Kelly (QLD), Fiona Lowry (NSW), Danie Mellor (ACT), Tom Mùller (WA), Yukultji Napangati (WA/NT), Michelle Ussher (VIC), Pedro Wonaeamirri (NT), Jemima Wyman (QLD).

Primavera, was founded through the generous benefaction of Dr Edward and Mrs Cynthia Jackson, and the Jackson family, in memory of their late daughter Belinda."


Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty: 24 Sep + 15 Oct

SquatSpace invites you on the REDFERN-WATERLOO TOUR OF BEAUTY

WHEN: Saturday September 24 2005, 1pm and Saturday October 15 2005, 1pm

WHERE: The bus departs from Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Paddington, and will make a loop of key sites in the Redfern/Waterloo area, returning you to the gallery afterwards.
The tour will take just over two hours.
Meet at College of Fine Arts, UNSW, by 1pm on the day:
Corner of Oxford St and Greens Rd, Paddington.


BOOKINGS: Seats are limited, so book early using the form on the website
W:, or email

Sunday, September 11, 2005

This is Not Art: Newcastle, NSW 29 Sep - 3 Oct

"This Is Not Art is a national festival of new media and arts held in Newcastle each year over the October long weekend. Since its humble beginnings in 1998, it has become one of the leading arts festivals in Australia dedicated to the work and ideas of communities not included in other major Australian arts festivals.

It is a convergence point for communities of creative people practicing and learning in a range of art and new media forms including writing, hip hop, digital arts, electronic music, design, environmentalism and student media. The program includes the festivals Electrofringe, the National Young Writers’ Festival, National Student Media Conference, Sound Summit and other projects.

Through the festival we look in on our world and rethink and imagine what it can be through the usage of technologies, humour, media and art.

Each year the festival brings together over 400 young writers, arts workers, activists, media makers, electronic and hip hop musicians, digital and sound artists and visual artists to participate in over 200 events. Artists come from Hunter Valley, across Australia and from overseas, to showcase their work, network and develop new skills and projects. Each year between 2 and 3 thousand people travel to Newcastle to attend the event, alongside tens of thousands of Novocastrians.

Festival activities include panels, hands on workshops, showcases, night time concerts, public art installations, exhibitions and online forums.

This year’s festival takes place from 29th September until 3rd October 2005.

Since its inception, the This Is Not Art festival, has been hosted by the Octapod Association."


Friday, September 9, 2005

Neon Wall by Jeppe Hein: 21 Sep - 4 Dec 2005, AGNSW

A new contemporary art project by one of Denmark's most daring installation artists, Jeppe Hein.

"From the artist who destroyed the Johann Konig Gallery with a steel sphere hurtling uncontrollably around the exhibition space, to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, is the latest International contemporary art exhibition Neonwall by Jeppe Hein.

Hein's installation is a wall of neon lights that switch off as the viewer approaches. One side of the wall is interactive. If you walk along the wall, the neon modules turn off - one after the other. As they turn on and off the light modules change from a live, healthy, humming luminescence to a dull, cloudy object but the moment the visitor leaves, all of the neon lights are restored again.

Hein's works contest the accepted conventions of viewing with their energy and playfully antagonistic dialogue between the artwork and the gallery audience. Other works, such as Bear the Consequences (2003), of a gas flame that expands as the gallery visitor gets closer, initially evoke fear and embarrassment but ultimately they fulfil Heins aim to directly engage the spectator with his work.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he attended the Royal Academy of Arts, Hein has exhibited extensively in Europe. In 2003 Hein exhibited his outdoor installation, Water Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. In the same year, Raimar Stange produced a monograph of his work, called Jeppe Hein: Take a walk in the Forest at Sunlight. This year Hein has a solo exhibition at Miami Beachs Moore Space and his work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in both Los Angeles and Chicago. Hein is represented by the Johann Konig Gallery, Berlin, where his solo exhibition, Minimal Overload, was on show in May this year. Hein is also represented internationally by Union Gallery, London."

21 September - 4 December 2005
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney, Australia
Hours 10am to 5pm 7 days a week
Phone (02) 9225 1744 or


Feastability- Sun 25th Sep

"On Sunday 25 September 2005, Newtown will host the annual Food and Wine Festival, Feastability, where you can select from a showcase of cuisines available in Newtown.

Now in its eleventh year, Feastability has developed into one of the most widely attended food and wine events in Sydney. You will be able to try African and Vietnamese, sample Korean and tapas, or taste modern Australian. You can tuck into baked goods and gourmet icecream or sip various red, white and sparkling wines.

Not only will you be able to taste local food, you will be entertained by local artists. This year, Feastability is working with the Local Showcase which features local acts every Thursday night at the @Newtown club. Local artists performing on the day include Itu, The Little Creatures, Katy Wren, Level One, Cellar Door, Paul the Waiter and Sascha Klave..."

When: 11am to 5pm on Sunday 25 September
Where: Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, 350 King Street, Newtown.

Public transport to Feastability is easily accessible: this includes bus routes 423, 426 and 428 while Newtown rail station is only 50 metres away.

Feastability is presented by Marrickville Council and Newtown South Main Street, and supported by @Newtown, Brown Brothers and the City of Sydney.

Marrickville Festival 2005 - 18 Sep

Marrickville Festival 2005 is on Sunday 18th September from 11am-5pm. It will be held between Illawarra and Victoria Rds. There will 3 stages offering entertainment throughout hte day, as well as food and market stalls.


COFA Spring Fair including the Art Market - 10 Sep

The COFA Spring Fair is on this Saturday! The market is great as a number of emerging designers take a stall at this fair, so you get to see a lot of cool, interesting things.


There are also a few free talks including:

TALK 1: Creative Integrity & Commercial Success – What’s the Formula? 1:30PM–2:15PM

"Creative individuals tend to be independent and unconventional. They are believed to possess skills such as original thought, flexibility and the ability to multi-task. The value of creative people to businesses has been a point of hot debate in recent years. How does creative thinking expand business potential? How can a creative person fulfill their own creative ambitions while also addressing the needs of a business or a market? Are there conflicts of interest? This seminar will explore the reality of dreaming-up and running successful creative enterprises.

The panel will be made up of representatives from Dinosaur Designs, Jeremyville and Design is Kinky.
Location: EGO2"


Thursday, September 8, 2005

COFA Continuing Education 2005 Spring Program

Sydney College of Fine Arts is offering some short courses starting soon in areas like: bookbinding, jewellery design, fabric printing and more.


Thursday, September 1, 2005

Art ConneXions: 2 September - 1 October, Sydney

Image: Yee I-Lann The Chi'i-lin of Calauit 2005

"Shaun Gladwell (Australia), Martin Fengel (Germany), Albrecht Fuchs (Germany), Nicola Meitzner (Germany), Jay Yao (Philippines), Yee I-Lann (Malaysia)

Sensual, sinister, satirical: photomedia reflecting a range of creative connections with place made during residencies in Sydney, Manila and Kuala Lumpur by artists from Australia, Germany, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Art ConneXions is a Goethe-Institut project that connects German artists with practitioners from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Sydney leg of the project was curated by the Australian Centre for Photography with the assistance of Sydney College of the Arts and Sherman Galleries."

Tue - Sun: 11.00am - 6.00pm
Galleries One, Two and Foyer

There's also a FLOORTALK on Saturday 3 September 2005
1.00pm FREE

"Sean Gladwell and Alasdair Foster discuss the opportunities and challenges of working on an international residency and the work produced during the Art ConneXions project. Initiated by the Goethe-Institut in Asia, the project involved residencies in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Sydney for artists from Australia, German, Malaysia and the Philippines."

Image Credits:

European Masters Showcase - films

Image from Life is a Miracle film

A dynamic collection of new films from acclaimed contemporary European directors screening at a few selected cinemas for a limited time.

Films are:
Tickets by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami and Ken Loach (Italy/UK)
Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog (Germany/USA)
Life Is A Miracle by Emir Kusturica (Serbia and Montenegro/France)
The Five Obstructions by Lars Von Trier, Jørgen Leth (Denmark)
Time Of The Wolf by Michael Haneke (France/Austria)

Screening at:
Chauvel Cinema (, Sydney. September 8 - 21
Schonell Theatre (, Brisbane. September 29 - October 12
State Cinema (, Hobart. October 20 - November 2
Cinema Nova (, Melbourne. November 10 - 23
Trak Cinemas (, Adelaide. December 1 - 14

For more info on the films:

Kung Fu Hustle

Just saw the film: Kung Fu Hustle. It was a really great and funny in parts kung fu action movie! I'd definitely recommend it! You won't be falling asleep in this one! Stephen Chow is the writer, director, and actor for the film.

Interview with Stephen Chow in Time magazine:
Film website:

Monday, August 29, 2005

Tokyo Recycle Project: 24 Sep- 9 Oct, Sydney

"Masahiro Nakagawa and his team are bringing the Tokyo Recycle Project to Australia. A huge hit in New York, Hong Kong and throughout Japan, the project has generated great excitement from the outrageously innovative clothing the team has created.

The Tokyo Recycle Project began in 1999 and was born from Masahiro's personal response to Tokyo's overwhelming consumer culture. He tried to find a way to reduce waste in the fashion industry by reusing and recycling clothing in a way that would have new and fresh appeal. To use people's existing clothes was a fantastic solution as the clothing itself had history, meaning and a shared past with its owner. Masahiro could tap into this shared history and create a bright new future for these old and worn clothes.

Past projects in New York, Hong Kong and Japan have had an overwhelming response, attracting queues of hopeful participants. Sydney's recycle project will offer participants a choice of three levels of transformation running on a first-in-best-dressed system with online registration and payment.

Choose the degree to which you'd like your clothes transformed. There are three levels:

How it works

Level 1: Regular custom-made
Revitalisation of clothes through drawing, printing, sewing and more.
Cost: $100

Level 2: Street wear custom-made
Transformation of clothes into unique, one-off pieces that can be worn as casual streetwear.
Cost: $250

Level 3: Luxe custom-made
Total reworking and transformation of clothes into a never-seen-before and never-available-again haute couture garment.
Cost: $750

Powerhouse Museum members - you will be placed in a draw for an exclusive Japanese fashion pack including: book, t-shirt and lunch with the Tokyo Recycle Team for you and three family members or friends. Please enter your membership number and expiry date."

To find out more about the Tokyo Recycle Project, phone (02) 9217 0522 or


Karim Rashid talk: 19 Oct, Sydney

Karim Rashid featured on the latest issue of POL Oxygen

One in the series of talks by local and international design luminaries
Karim Rashid
An entirely different world

"From perfume bottles to cyber-couture fashion, this world-acclaimed designer has produced over 2000 products during his career. In Sydney to announce the winner of the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award, this self-described ‘cultural provocateur’ gives his unique perspective on design, “Everyday I live, I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world, one that is full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, spirits, experiences”."

When: Wednesday 19 October 2005 from 6.00pm
Where: Coles Theatre
Cost: $50/$35 concession and members. Bookings essential
Presented by Bombay Sapphire


The cutting edge: fashion from Japan: 27 Sep 05 - 29 Jan 06

"The Japanese have long been at the vanguard of international fashion. Drawn from the collections of the Kyoto Costume Institute and the Powerhouse, as well as private and public collections, this exhibition highlights the avant garde and the use of innovative textiles in Japanese fashion, with garments and textiles by leading designers such as Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and the younger generation Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi and Hiroki Ohya."

At the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.


Casual places for food and hanging out

Caught up with people from NZ, and the UK on Saturday. Went to Ichiban Boshi at Level 2, Galeries Victoria, 500 George St, Sydney. Had the Shio Butter Corn Ramen which had roast pork on top with a side of Gyozas. Yum! There's always a queue outside this restaurant and it's always full of Japanese people eating there so that's always a good sign. The prices there are v.reasonable. It was about $11 for the bowl of ramen I had.

Then visited the Kinokuniya Bookshop next door. Had a look at some of design books and bought the latest issue of Frame magazine and Monument magazine. Saw the Taschen 25th yr anniversary titles displayed. I got a few of the titles in Tokyo as I wasn't sure if they'd get here or when.

Then went to The Oaks in Neutral Bay that night. There's lots of rooms upstairs with comfy leather couches, pool tables, and an outdoor area with a bbq area where you cook up your steaks etc. You can also order a nice pizza. Chose the Tandoori chicken pizza with mint and yoghurt $20. It's a place that's packed on Friday and Saturday nights especially - mainly north shore young professionals, uni students etc.

Ichiban Boshi:
Oaks Hotel:

Represent Creative Conference - 14-15 Oct, Sydney

Two day design conference to be held at Luna Park, Sydney on the 14-15th October 2005.

Speakers: Lee Quinones, Andy Howel, Umeric, Brand New School, Supreme/Anything, Lizzie Finn, Mr Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Rob Abeyta, Collider, Pablo Ferro, Keepleft Studio, Marc Atlan, Neckface, SBTG, Odd Studio, Askew/Disruptiv, Angela Boatwright.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Masters of Marketing talk - 15th Sep

"If there's one topic that accomplished business owners agree on - it's that the right marketing strategies can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. At this special Small Business September event you can get your burning marketing questions answered by three masters of the game.

Speaker 1: Tim Pethick, Nudie Juices
Within two years, the founder of nudie juices and brand guru, Tim Pethick built nudie into a business turning over $18m a year and a brand recognised as one of the top 10 most influential in the Asia Pacific region. More

Speaker 2: Kate Vale, Google Australia and NZ
Kate Vale is head of Sales and Operations for Google Australia and NZ. Her many years of online advertising experience help Google's advertisers generate returns from their online advertising campaigns. More

Speaker 3:
Tim Cavill is Director of SAP Australia & NZ's Small to Medium Business. In 2004, Tim achieved the phenomenal result of increasing the Small-Medium business by 148% over the previous year. Tim is responsible for the marketing and distribution of SAP products. More

Learn from the Best! Three successful marketers show you how to make the most out of your. Identify the hidden assets in your business. Learn something new that you can take back to your business and use straight away.


Artists and government bureaucracy

Article in the SMH about Centrelink trying their best to place artists into any job they can do, rather than recognising that these artists do have a profession and it's being an artist and creating and thinking art. The article's about the government not really being able to offer any real financial assistance and support, and are usually just classified as unemployed if they're not in some sort of 'paid work'.

Article title: Making a living turned into a fine art

Experimenta Vanishing Point - Thu 1 Sep, Melbourne

1-30 September 2005

Opening Night Invitation

Step through the looking glass into EXPERIMENTA VANISHING POINT
An exhibition of interactive installations and screen-based works by Australian and international artists that explore a world of enchantment and illusion.

The Board and staff of Experimenta are pleased to invite you to attend the Opening Night of EXPERIMENTA VANISHING POINT.

Feel free to to distribute this invitation to your friends, colleagues and email lists. We hope you can join us for the opening of this spectacular new media event.

Artists exhibiting:
Stephen Barrass, Chris Gunn (Aus)
Ji-Hoon Byun (Korea)
Penny Cain (Aus)
Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan)
Daniel Crooks (Aus)
Alex Davies (Aus)
Leslie Eastman, Natasha Johns-Messenger (Aus)
Shelley Eshkar, Paul Kaiser (USA)
Julie C. Fortier (France)
Shaun Gladwell (Aus)
David Haines, Joyce Hinterding (Aus)
John Howland (Aus)
Luke Jerram (UK)
William Kentridge (South Africa)
David MacLeod, Narinda Reeders (Aus)
Minim++ (Japan)
Martina Mrongovius, Sruli Recht (Aus)
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Japan/Vietnam/USA)
June Bum Park (Korea)
Hiraki Sawa (Japan)
Lee se-jung (Korea)
Momoyo Torimitsu (Japan)
Two Heads Productions (Aus) with HitLab (NZ)
Daniel Von Sturmer (Australia)
Craig Walsh (Australia)
Boyd Webb (New Zealand)
William Wegman (USA)
Yang Zhenzhong (China)

Date: Thursday 1 September, 2005
Time: 7.00pm til late
Venue: BlackBox, the Arts Centre,
Upper Riverside Terrace, Adjacent to Hamer Hall
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.



Did a bit of furniture window shopping in the weekend. Trying to just tidy up my work and living space a bit.

Went to Moore Park and walked through Freedom Furniture and Ikea, then went to O'Riordan St, Alexandria and went and had a look at Space Furniture for some inspiration. It's always nice to just look at the furniture they have there and the way they've set it all up - a bit like a modern furniture museum.

The first thing I probably need to do is to just tidy my place up. I find that when I'm working away, the piles of paper just seem to grow into more and more piles.

Freedom Furniture - some nice homeware things:
Space Furniture - great all round inspiration: