Thursday, February 24, 2005

Gadgets from Aldi

Missed out on a DVD Maker ($69) last time Aldi offered it. Had read reviews of the product and thought I'd give it a go. Hopefully it'll work ok. Just experimenting.

So turned up before 9am this time. Already people queuing outside the store waiting for the roller shutters to go up. Once the shutters went up, people rushed to the checkout as that's where the goodies are stored. They took a little while to get the stock out. It seems they order a few large boxes of each item and they usually sell out within the first 20 minutes or so. Don't understand why they don't just buy large quantities of the goodies to sell as I'm sure they'd sell the entire stock within a couple of days anyway.

There were people buying 4 portable jukebox things at a time (ipod like machine) for $299.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Tropfest 2005 finalists announced

Finalist films are:

A Family Legacy
Director: Rory Williamson
State: NSW
Producers: Janneke Fussell/ George Pank/ Adam Anthony
Synopsis: It’s the biggest day of Joe’s life…Will he make his family proud? Will the legacy live on, or won’t it?

Australian Summer
Director: Luke Eve
State: NSW
Synopsis: Two men. One alleyway. An entire world to explore.

Benny Unseen Hero
Directors: Darren Arbib/Steven Hirst
State: NSW
Synopsis: Benny the loser performs one amazing feat after another but no-one sees a thing, to his enormous frustration.

Director: Alister Grierson
State: NSW
Producers: Leesa Kahn/Les Parrott
Synopsis: When a man thinks his day can’t get any worse, he discovers he is driving a bomb.

Director: Hugh Rutherford
State: NSW
Producers: Hugh Rutherford/Sonia Esposito
Synopsis: A barber’s day takes an unexpected turn when he is interrupted by a troubled man on the run and a salesman just wanting to sell his toy dogs.

Director: Stuart Charles
State: VIC
Producers: Stuart Charles/ Christian White
Synopsis: A man tries to break some news to his comatose fiancé.

Director: Cathrine McVeigh
State: NSW
Producers: Claire Tonkin, Cathrine McVeigh
Co-Producer: Jonathan Kisch
Synopsis: A cop’s hunt for clues becomes much more than routine as his search reveals a devastating truth…

Garbage Man
Director: Henry Naylor
State: London, UK
Producer: James Edwards (NSW)
Synopsis: A comic horror where a lone female is stalked by a violent and deadly cardboard cut-out of George Dubya Bush.

In Your Dreams
Director: Greg Williams
State: VIC
Producer: Bridget Lloyd-Jones
Synopsis: Did you really think your dreams were your own? Welcome to Dreamworx. When you go to sleep, they go to work.

Director: Nash Edgerton
State: NSW
Producer: Brooke Wilson
Synopsis: Lucky finds himself in a bind.

Director: James Wilson
State: NSW
Synopsis: How giving can change one’s life.

Rattus Pistofficus
Directors: Josh Reed/ Sam Reed
State: NSW
Producers: Nigel Christensen/ Josh Reed/ Sam Reed
Synopsis: A man and a rat struggle for their right to shelter.

The Razor’s Edge
Director: Gabriel Dowrick
State: NSW
Producers: Marc Windon/ David Ratner
Synopsis: Who is this homeless man? What is his past? Who is this baby? What is its future? Destiny collides Kung Fu!

This Film is Yet To Be Classified
Director: Jayce White
State: NSW
Synopsis: An animated study of the Australian film industry; it’s quirks; shortcomings and potential future.

Too Far
Director: Matthew Peek
State: VIC
Producers: Matthew Peek/ Cameron Ford
Synopsis: Story of a paranoid father who over reacts to the Y2K bug, the threat of terrorism and water restrictions.

Too Sunny, Too Cold
Director: Tania Yuki
State: NSW
Synopsis: A cultural clash of salami, sushi and that special someone.

Finalists can be seen at Sony Tropfest on Sunday 27 February at venues around the country:

Sydney: The Domain, Royal Botanic Gardens
Presented by Sony Tropfest

Melbourne: Alexandra Gardens, Alexandra Ave
Presented by Sony Tropfest and City Of Melbourne

Hobart: Machine Laundry Café, 12 Salamanca Square, Hobart
Presented by Machine Laundry Café

Canberra: Stage 88, Commonwealth Park, Canberra
Presented by the National Capital Authority

Brisbane: Suncorp Piazza, Southbank, Brisbane
Presented by QPIX

Perth: Princess May Park, Adelaide St, Fremantle
Presented by the Film and Television Institute

Finalist clips will be made available online in the coming weeks.


East Sydney Festival 26 February 2005

"The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation and the East Sydney Festival present:
Retail Therapy: Shop Yourself Stupid @ The East Sydney Festival.

Those in therapy can expect to be entertained at Taylor Square North by DJ Garry Tee, DJ David Hiscock, Mock Rock, Man About Town, DJ Tim Blanshard, DJ Jnr Saez Scratch Demo, Miranda Fair & Sandy Toggs, Danny Bass Samba Sound System, DJ Renae Stanton and of course, Miss BGF!

Licensed bars, Sumptous food and spectacular stalls will whet everyone's therapeutic retailing appetite!

Roaming cash collectors will dash for your cash at: Oxford St; Taylor Square; Bourke St; Forbes St; Macleay St, Potts Point; King St, Newtown and Broadway Shopping Centre.

The East Sydney Festival and participating retail outlets and venues around Sydney are donating to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation to assist people living with HIV/AIDS in NSW."

Sydney Esquisse 2005: 11-20 March

"Imagine: You are at Sydney’s most unconventional Art and Design Festival, which has hit the streets of Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Redfern and Chippendale on March 11, 2005...

Around 100,000 Sydney-siders are strolling the streets with you to explore showcases
by Australian and Internationally acclaimed artists. As you meander your way around you will also see a series of events like short film screenings, fashion parades, interactive live performances, DJ’s and live music, children expressing their ideas on art and design, the SE symposiums and seminars, a t-shirt competition, an auction, an award ceremony, not to mention countless parties."


Siemens Micro Movie Award, St Kilda Film Festival 2005

"In association with interfilm Berlin, Siemens and the St Kilda Film Festival announce the 2nd Micro Movie Award.

To be held as part of the St Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne Australia between May 24 – 29, 2005. Prize AUD$5000.

The Siemens Micro Movie Award is an international competition for making short films using a mobile phone.

The Siemens Micro Movie Award was presented for the first time at interfilm Berlin in November 2004 and created enormous interest and excitement amongst filmmakers and audiences alike.

We are now inviting film schools and filmmakers in Asia, Australia and New Zealand to take part in this exciting competition.

Siemens provides the participating filmmakers/ schools with a mobile phone (SX1 model) which has an integrated camcorder. The finished films are to be no longer than 90 seconds and as many films as possible may be produced and entered before the entry deadline. There are no restrictions with regard to cutting and editing. However, the film sequences in the finished piece must obviously be longer than any subsequently integrated animation elements.

After all entries have been received, approximately 10 films will be nominated as finalists for the competition and they will be shown on screens located in cinema foyers during the St Kilda Film Festival. They will also be shown on the large cinema screen.

The audience chooses the winner who will be awarded a prize of AUD$5000.

The 10 finalists will each receive a Siemens Video Phone and participate in a film Workshop with a notable Australian Filmmaker during the St Kilda film Festival.

Call for Expressions of interest

If you are interested in being part of this new era of filmmaking contact us immediately. Send your C.V./Filmography to or
St Kilda Film Festival Siemens Micro Movie Award, Private Bag 3 , St Kilda 3182, Australia

Numbers of mobile phones are limited, but we will also have some mobiles available through the St Kilda Film Festival Office

The deadline for submitting films is March 18, 2005"


Monday, February 7, 2005

IndiVision Screenings NSW 11-14 Feb at the Palace Cinemas, Leichhardt

WHEN 11 - 14 February
WHERE Palace Norton Street Cinemas, Leichhardt

"A selection of the best indie feature films from around the world, many of which have never had a theatrical release in Australia, will screen in Sydney next weekend (11­14 February) as part of the Australian Film Commission’s (AFC) IndiVision Screenings.

From Europe, the UK, Middle East and the USA, the selected films are all multi-award winners that have attracted critical acclaim at festivals and screenings around the world.

Most of the films selected have not been widely seen in Australia, despite their outstanding success at major international festivals from Cannes to Sundance.

The IndiVision Screenings will give keen film-goers the opportunity to see these filmic gems on the big screen.

The program also offers film buffs the opportunity to listen to American producer Joshua Zeman at an audience discussion session after the screening of The Station Agent (USA), the film he co-produced with Mary Jane Skalski. The Station Agent is a low-budget miracle that was made for less than AUD$700,000 but grossed over AUD$15 million internationally. Zeman will be joined at the IndiVision Screenings by great Danish filmmaker Rumle Hammerich, one of the men behind the controversial and successful Dogme films.

The program will start its run in Sydney from Friday 11 to Monday 14 February, and in Melbourne from Friday 18 to Monday 21 February, and will then roll out to other capital cities. Sydney and Melbourne programs include a free screening and panel discussion on low-budget filmmaking presented by Popcorn Taxi, where the top line-up of international speakers includes Zeman, Hammerich, and Fortissimo Film’s Ashley Luke."

Screening program 11­14 February 2004, Palace Norton Street Cinemas, Leichhardt:

- Mon Tresor (Israel/France)
- The Station Agent (USA)
- Tully (USA)
- Festen (Denmark)
- 16 Years of Alcohol (Scotland)
- Reconstruction (Denmark)

Visit for more IndiVision information."

Festival of German Cinema 2005 (National)

WHEN 14 - 24 April (Sydney), 15 - 24 April (Melbourne), 20 - 23 April (Brisbane), 28 April - 1 May (Canberra) WHERE Chauvel Cinema (Sydney), ACMI (Melbourne), Southbank Cinemas (Brisbane), Electric Shadows (Canberra)

Presenting the latest German films and highlights from the Berlin Film Festival. Films confirmed this year include: The Downfall ­An outstanding account of Hilter’s last days & Go for Zucker — The first post-1945 German-Jewish comedy made in Germany.


Web research seminar with Chris Sherman - 21 Feb 2005

Unleash the Power of Web Research with Chris Sherman

What will it cover?
- How Search Engines Think - How to Choose the Right Search Engine for different Information Needs

- Power Seaching with Google - Learn how to Use the "Industrial Strength" Tools (some undocumented) behind the simple Google Interface

- The Invisible Web - Tips and Techniques for Navigating the Hidden Web
Beyond Google - the Changing Face of the Web Search Landscape and the serious Challengers Google now Faces

Where and when?
Quay West Suites, Gloucester Street, The Rocks - February 21st 9 - 5

How much and how many?
$395 (inc GST). Chris leaves the next day to moderate Search Engine Strategies in New York.

Chris Sherman is President of a Colorado-based Web consulting firm called Searchwise. He is also Editor of SearchDay, a daily newsletter from He is a regular contributor to Information Today, Online, EContent and other information industry journals.

More detail on the agenda and a registration form can be found at:

Pop culture blog - PCL Linkdump

Cool blog on pop culture type stuff.

Sebastian also owns and moderates a pop culture Yahoo egroup at:

Rankin interview - co-founder of Dazed and Confused magazine, on SMH

Rankin, the London-based photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of magazine Dazed & Confused, talks to Claire Bingham about his latest project, Australia: A Different Light.

"You started your magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack after leaving college. Was it ever an option to work for a company, or be a photographer's assistant, or have you always thought big?
I would never have assisted because it's not in me to do that. I tried for a week and I f---ing hated it. We didn't think we would be big, but we always thought big. We were influenced by Warhol's Industry magazine and The Factory, Tony Wilson and Malcolm McLaren, as they'd created something within their social circle, and we wanted to do the same thing, by using the magazine as a platform for our peers to publish their work.

Why did you start? Was it a love for magazines or a device to publish your own work?
Dazed & Confused started as a complete love for magazines and even now when I get a magazine or a book back I love to smell it, feel it, touch it. It's a very sexy thing.

When did you realise that photography was the way forward for you?
I studied accountancy and hated it. I really wanted to be a director, but with no background in film in any way, shape or form, I thought photography was something I could pick up and do..."

It's a cool short interview on the SMH site.


Adam Hill exhibiton: Dingo On 22 Feb - 13 march 2005

"Following a very successful exhibition at the same venue last year, Dhungatti Aboriginal Artist Adam Hill is back at the Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle. The vibrancy and boldness of colour continue to flow in the unique style that has seen Hill rapidly gain recognition as a leader in the urban Indigenous art genre. The new body of works entitled ‘Dingo On’ feature thirty compositions in synthetic polymers on canvas.

Hill conveys with great fluidity and articulateness the heart-felt messages of peoples’ containment. One writer described Hill as “defiantly making an impact on the art scene”. It seems this very defiance, Hill’s own brand of ‘rustling feathers’ is speaking on behalf of not only Indigenous Australia, but also non-Indigenous Australians who choose to recognise and support the Indigenous plight.

Adam Hill currently has a large artwork hanging in a group show in New South Wales Parliament House. So impressed was The Honourable Dr. Meredith Burgmann with Hills work and its social commentary that Dr. Burgmann recently purchased one of Hill’s paintings for the collection. Hill’s works now hang in several Government institutions, which is something he takes pride in by saying “I feel I am gaining an entry into the halls of unchartered territory, in that one usually relates Government/Indigenous relations as unsavoury. It seems, I have found an empathetic shoulder”.

Utilising his personal visions of familiar drought-stricken landscapes, Hill succeeds in transcending his well-known and respected satirical ethos. The strong reference to a decaying environment, littered with goods commonly found in early Australian households, boldly and skilfully represents the state of this nation. As well, this intimate series silently rages with the injustices and atrocities that have been asserted on this land, and the indigenous peoples who were here long before croquet balls and Gregorian telescopes.

The surrealist quality in this series marks a distinct turning point in the style of Hill’s work. With a noticeable lack of people, ‘Dingo On’ encompasses much more than the viewer may first appreciate. Take time and look closely. ‘Dingo On’ emphasises a relationship between environment and the individual as being one of cause and effect, and while comparatively smaller than Hill’s previous paintings, this series adds significantly to his already impressive body of work. The message is louder and clearer than ever."

‘Dingo On’ opens at the Washhouse Gallery 711 Darling Street Rozelle
Thursday February 24, 2005, 6-8pm.
Gallery hours: Tuesday- Sunday 8am – 4pm
Contact: Gillian Noble on t: 0425 248 334