Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Google Earth

If you haven't tried using Google Earth then try it now! It's cool. Having done Geography at uni, this is an especially fun resource! I looked for my parents' house and found it. I found it started to get a bit pixelated when I tried to zoom in on the roof and street level. But still nonetheless.

"Google Earth – Explore, Search and Discover
Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in. Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions. Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings. Save and share your searches and favorites. Even add your own annotations."


LTC: Carlton Lamb and Chris Gray - tomorrow night

This month's Last Thursday Club's speakers are:

1. One of Australia’s most dynamic lateral thinkers Carlton Lamb, with insights into how acting techniques can help you strike gold in business."

2. Chris Gray, an ex-accountant with tips on how to get out of the rat race (he turned $35,000 into a $3.5m personal property portfolio in 9 years and “retired” when he was 31)."


Monday, July 25, 2005

Popcorn Taxi: Pixar's One Man Band + Interview with Director & Producer 8th August

"Sydney Premiere of Pixar Animation's great new short 'One Man Band' + Q&A with Pixar Director Andrew Jimenez and Producer Osnat Shurer.

Pixar's 'One Man Band' has comic timing that is spot on, the animation is flawless and the imagination out of this world...' - Melbourne International Film Festival.

Popcorn Taxi is proud to present this special evening with animation giant PIXAR at CINEMA PARIS. Join us for the Sydney Premiere screening of ONE MAN BAND, their new short film and meet director ANDREW JIMENEZ and producer OSNAT SHURER.

ONE MAN BAND tells the captivating and funny tale of a peasant girl who, with one coin to make a wish at the piazza fountain, encounters street performers who would much prefer the coin to find its way into their pockets. As the buskers' rivalry builds the film climaxes in a spectacularly comic crescendo.

Computer animation behemoth PIXAR, producers of such mega-hits as TOY STORY I & 2, FINDING NEMO and THE INCREDIBLES, have stuck to their roots and continue to make extraordinary and original short films such as JACK ATTACK, BOUNDIN' and MIKE'S NEW CAR.

Tonight's show offers a unique insight into PIXAR, focusing on their short projects, and asks why they keep making them!

Including clips and behind the scenes footage tonight's program is a unique opportunity to get an insight into the methods and techniques of the world's most successful animation studio.

Popcorn Taxi would like to thank PIXAR ANIMATION and the LANTERN GROUP for making this program possible."

popcorn taxi
Entry: G

Time: 7.30pm
Date: Monday, August 8th, 2005
Where: Cinema Paris, Entertainment Quarter, formerly FOX STUDIOS
Address: Bent Street, Moore Park
Entry: $15 / $13 conc.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Saturday Indesign

Visited some of the showrooms that particpated in the Saturday Indesign event. It's an event where 66 suppliers open their showroom doors to the design profession. Many of the showrooms had food and drink on offer whilst the designers wandered through looking at the product ranges. There were also free buses to take people around to the various showrooms.

Ended up going to: Corporate Culture - furniture, who shared with Bang & Olufsen and Designer Rugs; Argent - bathroomware (v.close to Corporate Culture); Arthur G Designs - furniture; Contemporary Leathers - leather upholstery who shared with Instyle - fabrics; FY2K - furniture; Living Edge - furniture; Schiavello - furniture; Spence & Lynda - furniture, homewares; Zenith Interiors - furniture; Kvadrat Maharam - fabrics; Systems Supply - furniture. Some of these were literally a few doors down from each other so decided to pop into those places as well.

Created a Flickr account and have posted 32 photos of the day at:

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Houses of the Future - Architects' talks

The Building Bookshop are hosting talks by the Architects who have designed a house in the 'House of the Future' exhibition. (Missed the first one which I would've loved to have heard).

Thursday July 14th
1. Tone Wheeler & Jan O’Connor of Environa Studio present the Clay House.
2. Richard Smith presents the Cardboard House. Architect Peter Stutchbury & Pape.

Thursday August 11th
1. Michael Harvey and Peter Poulet from the NSW Government Architects Office present the Concrete House.
2. Jane Irwin from Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture and Bill Royal present A Woven Place.

Thursday September 15th
1. Sarah Bickford and Paul Lucus from Modabode present the Steel House.
2. James Muir from UTS presents the Glass House.

Thursday October 13th
1. Ken McBryde & Stephanie Smith from Innovarchi present the Timber House.
2. Mike Horne from Turf Design Studio presents Salad Bar.

Where: 525 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, Sydney.
To attend please RSVP (02) 8303 0550
Drinks & Refreshments 6:30 pm Talks 7 pm


Houses of the Future 19 Feb- 31 Oct 2005

"The Sydney Olympic Park Authority is proud to host the Houses of the Future exhibition at Jacaranda Square, Sydney Olympic Park from 19 February – 31 October 2005.

This innovative and FREE public exhibition showcases sustainable design excellence and environmental innovations in 6 Houses made from clay, concrete, timber, steel, cardboard, and glass and 2 creative responses that showcase sustainable gardens.

Houses of the Future challenges us to consider the future of our built environment and two of the most tangible elements of that environment – the ‘house’ and the ‘garden’

Each House is made from a different material, and is designed by an architect working closely with the trade association and/or research institute working with that material. The Houses form part of a new generation of pre-fabricated dwellings emerging around the globe. The houses are a response to growing consumer demand for homes that are modern, environmentally sensitive and of high quality.

Similarly, the two “Gardens of the Future” showcased in this exhibition highlight the use of sustainable building materials, re-using materials and challenge our perception of a ‘garden’ can be…

The Houses of the Future exhibition highlights renewable energy, nano-technology, recycled water, the use of recycled materials and design features that promote water and energy conservation.

The Houses are designed to be compliant with BASIX (the NSW Government’s sustainable design requirements for water and energy) and are connected to Sydney Olympic Park’s innovative water recycling system, which saves approximately 850 million litres of drinking water each year!

Houses of the Future aims to stimulate sustainable design ideas, clever thinking and imagine a sustainable future. Over the next eight months we hope this exhibition promotes new ways of providing affordable, environmentally sustainable, prefabricated housing that are also futuristic and innovative in their design.

This exhibition seeks to challenge our perception of urban design – recast design boundaries, champion environmental innovation and offer a unique vision of what a “house” or “garden” of the future might be like."


SPAA Fringe 2005 - 11-13 August, Brisbane

SPAA (Screen Producers Association of Australia) FRINGE 2005
11 to 13 August, Brisbane Powerhouse

"Fringe is an intensive and interactive 3 day course of informative and practical sessions aimed at emerging and low budget independent film and television makers.

SPAA Fringe offers a unique opportunity for newcomers to meet and learn from producers, directors, distributors, network commissioning editors.

Delegates attend Fringe to network, pitch ideas and gain development opportunities."

Session updates include (from the Tropfest e-newsletter):

Opening keynote with Young Australian of the Year, Khoa Do, writer and director of Finished People and the upcoming Footy Legends.

Rolf De Heer will participate in Divergence is the new Convergence, which will explore the creation of ideas across multi platforms and parallel industries.

Vincent Sheehan producer of Cate Blanchett's new film Little Fish will talk about balancing business and creativity.

Script Editor and writer, Joan Sauers will interview screenwriter, Stephen Davis about script writing and script development.

Olivia Roussett, Video Journalist and Amos Cohen, Supervising Producer, Dateline, SBS will examine career paths of video journalists and the career opportunities for video journalists....

A panel of top women producing for television will talk about the how and why of getting into TV.

Producer, Melissa Beauford will talk about her two low budget completed films, that she produced privately and made without assistance from the government funding bodies.

And, Peter Broderick, SPAA Fringe Patron, will talk about networking and how building the right connections is a key to success...

Final Programme and Speaker Line Up now online at:

Darwin Festival: 11-28 August

"The Darwin Festival is a celebration of life and creativity in the tropics.. The Festival program is distinctly flavoured with Indigenous, Asian and multicultural events, and presents a diverse and colourful program encompassing theatre, music, dance, visual arts, comedy, film, workshops, and free community events in a tropical, outdoor venue."


Noise Submit

"Young Artists. New Work.
NOISE is a media-based initiative that profiles artists (25 and under) and their creative works across the media. NOISE invites young people to submit art of all forms, all year round, for the opportunity to be exhibited across television, radio, in print, online and more.

Money for Art. Ticket to Fly.
Wanna win $10,000 in cash & flights + skill up with a leading industry professional? Submit to NOISE by August 31, 2005 and you'll also be eligible for the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA).

SOYA Categories: Music, Pictures, Moving Pictures, Photography, Industrial/Object Design, Words and Fashion Design."


Ricardo Legorreta - architect talk 27 Sep Sydney, 28 Sep Melbourne

"If architecture doesn’t contribute to human peace and happiness it deserves to disappear.

That’s according to Mexico’s Ricardo Legorreta who will be presenting Black Talk 3 in September.

Sydney – Tuesday 27 September (Booking form)
Melbourne – Wednesday 28 September (Booking form)

Tickets $75.00, $50 AAA members, $45 students and $40 AAA student members. For bookings download the appropriate rego form above or
call 02 8297 7283.

Ricardo Legorreta is considered Mexico’s finest architect, in 2002 the American Institute of Architects gave him the gold medal for his lasting influence on architecture. His work is defined by the use of brilliant saturated reds, purples and yellows and mysterious, light-filled spaces.

Pictured above: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATE SCHOOL / EGADE, Monterrey, Mexico by Ricardo Legorreta, 2001. Photographer: Lourdes Legorreta."


d factory talk - Thu 28 July: Richard Goodwin, Alan Laws, and Michael Esson

"This month’s d factory explores drawing from the perspective of the contemporary designer – are drawing skills important for designers working today, is drawing a particular way of thinking which is essential to the creative process and has new technology changed the way designers work.

Join artist and architect, Richard Goodwin, artist and senior Lecturer, UNSW College of Fine Arts, Michael Esson and industrial designer, Adam Laws. Hosted by Nell Schofield."

Thursday 28 July 2005
6.00pm – 8.30pm [6.30 – 7.15pm –draw to design, 7.15 - 8pm More music by DJ Douglas]

Powerhouse Museum, Courtyard CafĂ© – enter via Macarthur Street
It's a free event!


Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury talk

The talk on Tuesday night was great!! They had so many people turn up that they had to move to a larger lecture theatre room to accomodate the numbers. It was part of the 2005 Glenn Murcutt Master Class, but this lecture was open to the public as well. All three are very passionate about respecting and protecting the environment, the Aboriginal cultural heritage, and design. They talked about Aborigines and their form and design of shelter, design as affecting the way the well-being of the people in a community, and how planning should respect the topography of the land and nature, rather than just flattening the land and imposing a grid system on it. They talked about creating spaces that children can play in, and grow up in, and thrive in. Glen spoke a bit about councils and suppliers and shared a couple of stories with the audience. He talked about innovating and learning, and trying out new methods of construction, and if they fail then it's your problem. They showed lots of slides through the traditional slide carousel. It was all great! The speakers' enthusiasm, intellect, humour, genius, cynicism, respect for the environment and the Aboriginal people came through very strongly in the presentation. It was a night enjoyed by all who were there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Meet Neil Gaiman at Kinokuniya Wednesday 20 July, 5.30pm

Comic-book writer and novelist, Neil Gaiman will be appearing at the Kinokuniya bookstore tonight!

"Legendary among comic-book fans for his epic Sandman series, he was born in England but now lives in Minneapolis, in a big house of uncertain location where he grows exotic pumpkins and accumulates computers and cats. His previous novels are American Gods, Neverwhere, Stardust and Good Omens which he wrote with Terry Pratchett. His graphic novels include the award-winning Sandman series, Mr Punch, and Death: The High Cost of Living. He has also written bestselling books for children including Coraline and The Wolves in the Walls.

Now he’s going to be in Sydney to meet all his fans, sign his books and the great people at Kinokuniya are allowing fans to bring up to three personal items to get signed in addition to any book purchases from the store. How cool is that? Bookings are essential though so please make your reservation on 02 9262 7996. and then head out on…

Wednesday, 20 July, 5:30pm
Books Kinokuniya
Level 2, The Galleries Victoria
500 George Street (opposite QVB), Sydney"

From the Supanova email newsletter.

Art Sydney 05: 25-28 August

"Art Sydney 05 is your unique chance to buy ART from MORE than 120 galleries representing thousands of artists from Australia and overseas...

COLLECT from Australia’s most sought after artists in our NEW Collector’s Room and take the opportunity to INVEST in emerging artists in our NEW 'Off The Wall' Independent Artist's showcase.

Choose from THOUSANDS of original pieces including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, indigenous works & limited editions at Australia’s largest, annual art event.

Ian Thorpe will open the event on Wednesday 24th August.

For more info including costs, go to:

COFA Spring Fair - Sat 10th September

Went to the UNSW College of Fine Arts festival last year and it was really good!

This year's festival includes: "Exhibitions, Art & Design Workshops, Talks with Top Artists and Designers, Market Stalls, Performance Artists, Food & Live Music

COFA Talks: discussions between well known designers, artists, critics and gallery directors regarding the nature of collaboration in the arts and design industries.
Host: Art Critic, Writer, Humourist - Dr Peter Hill

Featuring: Animal Logic, Dinosaur Designs, Design is Kinky, Jeremyville, Sherman Galleries, Shaun Gladwell, John McDonald, Idris Murphy, Ian Grant and Peter Garrett

Exhibitions: Field Trip Art from the Outback, Open Studio Life as Art Student, and Disobedience and the Forces of Globalisation

Workshops: Sculpture, Felting, Batik and Shibori Dyeing, Life Drawing, Painting, New Adobe Graphics Software, New Apple Multimedia Options
Special for kids – Felting, Oh What A Mess Painting, Sculpture, Weird Objects Still Life Drawing

Market: Jewellery, Prints (by those famous and emerging), Shirts/Skirts, Bags, Beaded Things, Belts, Cards, Paintings, Small Sculptures, Photographs, Ceramics, and much more…

Live Music: Unkle Ho (elefant trax), Pomo Mofo, 206 Collab, Farfinkel Pugowski, Red Dot quartet and more to be announced…"

Saturday 10 September 2005 from 10am – 4pm
Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington, Sydney
Free admission


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hippy Shopper - eco products blog

Hippyshopper is a UK news blog of green products and ethical shopping. The site is edited by Adam Vaughan.

It covers "Virtually everything that you can buy and get involved in - organic food, drink, health, beauty, fashion, design, green gadgets, transport, sport, plants, renewables, recycling, books, exhibitions, TV and film. If it's an environmentally-friendly or ethically-sourced product, this is where you'll find it."


Blogging for fun and profit

Article in The Australian newspaper's IT section. The article is also published on their website. There's a couple of good links in there.


Sony Expose PSP competition

"Expose is about unearthing creative talent. Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd (SCE Aust or we) is looking for the best new content for the best new platform, PSP™ (PlayStationPortable). It’s a chance to be discovered.. and to have your work seen first by PSP™ users everywhere… any place, any time.

We’re looking for screen-based audio visual works such as short videos, flash and audio (animation, music, mocumentaries and so on) (AV Works) under the following five Categories:

1. Short film, 2. Artistic, 3. Informational/Mini-documentaries, 4. Student, 5. Music Video.

If your AV Work is original and good enough to download then we want to see it."

For full details:

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury - free public lecture! 19 July

These 3 great architects will be giving a free public lecture at Sydney University. The lecture is open to the profession, students and the public and will be attended by the 32 international participants in the 2005 Glenn Murcutt Master Class.

Where: Stephen Roberts Lecture Theatre, University of Sydney
Time: 6pm
No bookings necessary


Free Play: game developers conference 15-17 July

"Free Play caters for independent and DIY game developers, creatively frustrated professionals, game development students, creative gamers, modders and game artists. Developed by the indie game community for the indie game community, Free Play provides the only forum for Australian independent game developers to share knowledge, showcase their work and initiate new projects. The conference also caters to those creative makerswho are increasingly adopting game development technologies and techniquesinto their art practice."
There's a full program of topics and speakers at the website.

Where: ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Customs House Library

Visited the Customs House Library today. The fitouts are really nice with Kartell lamps, Arne Jacobsen's egg chair, really nice dark brown wood shelving, red signage, internet computers, magazine lounge room area, reading room with rows of dark brown tables lined across the room, self checkout machines for library books, and more. There are over 3 floors devoted to the library. It's probably the nicest looking, most designed public library in Sydney. If you're not a resident of the City of Sydney area, you can still join the library for $11.50, and it's $5.50 if you're a senior or under 18 etc. Well worth a visit!


Thursday, July 7, 2005

Melbourne Design Festival 8-17 July 2005

The Melbourne Design Festival features a number of exhibitons and events at Federation Square and Melbourne generally.

One event is "In The Shed, an installation by design cooperative Moth Design, adding a DIY event with a difference to the Festival. Eight flat-pack sheds will be erected in Federation Square, each containing installations by different designers that reflect various perspectives and interpretations of DIY in Australia from past to present, such as instructions on how to ‘DIY’ your own life, to flat-packed DIY tools, packaged and ready to be constructed – once you’ve constructed the instructions. Moth Design will hold a free DIY Demonstration on the steps at Federation Square at 11am on Sunday, 10 July.

Other recent events added to the Festival calendar include CH2, a preview site tour of the revolutionary and award-winning Council House 2; Ripening Seed, a book design competition will be presented by Metropolis Bookshop; Design Landscapes Tours will tour the spectacular Design Landscapes windows, presented by Hidden Secrets Tours; and a schools program will be held in the surrounds of the Milan Award 2005, presented by VESKI (Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation)...

Other highlights include: "the first Australian Poster Annual at Federation Square’s atrium; the Milan Award 2005 Exhibition at BMW Edge, Federation Square; ReadyMadeMarket at Federation Square carpark on Sunday 10 July, and Design Landscapes in shop windows across Melbourne, and many other events..."


Mail art

A.1. Mail Art Archive is a blog by artist Michael Leigh. He creates these artworks on envelopes creates postcards and sends them off to friends etc. I like the collage art work he does. Reminds me of when I used to make lots of collage folders at school.


Mr and Mrs Smith

Saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night. It's a great, fun movie. There were 6 people in the cinema. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have heaps of screen presence.