Monday, March 28, 2005

You can do an online questionaire to find out if your calendar age matches your 'RealAge' which is calculated from your medical history, the amount you exercise and lifestyle factors etc. It's a free test. There are other tips on the site to help you lower your 'RealAge' and to live longer.


Sun Microsystems: Blog Heaven

Article on about more companies encouraging their employees to blog as a way to swap ideas with programmers, and get suggestions and feedback from customers etc.

"According to Phipps and Schwartz (from Sun Microsystems), not only do Sun’s blogs show customers that the company is paying attention to their concerns, but they have also become a major channel for communicating with programmers outside the company who write crucial third-party applications that run on Sun’s hardware and operating systems.

More than 1,000 of Sun’s 32,000 employees blog about their work (most at"


Sunday, March 27, 2005

NSW KM Forum: Taking it to the People: Applying KM in Telstra - April 7

Taking it to the People: Applying KM in Telstra

WHY: Knowledge Management practitioners must convey their ideas in
simple, direct and comprehensible ways to get the support of
management and staff. Tonight's session looks at ways that KM tools
and techniques can be packaged for greater use and effectiveness -
using Telstra as an example.

WHO: Alister Webb currently works in Telstra's Consumer & Marketing
Division, developing KM techniques and helping his colleagues apply
them. Alistair has a background in IT project management and web
design and has also been a screenwriter and music journalist.

WHEN: 5.30pm for 6pm, Thursday 7th April

WHERE: Standards Australia, 286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Call
James Digges 0414 191 009 for after hours entry to the building


Details of each month's meeting are also available on the forum's wiki
site at

Your body as a conduit for data

Article in the SMH titled: 'Undery my skin' about NTT, a Japanese communications company who have developed a technology called RedTacton, "which it claims can send data over the skin's surface at speeds of up to 2mbps – equivalent to a fast broadband data connection.

Using RedTacton-enabled devices, music from an MP3 player in your pocket would pass through your clothing and shoot over your body to headphones in your ears. Instead of fiddling with a cable to connect your digital camera to your computer, you could transfer pictures by touching the PC while the camera is around your neck. And since data can pass from one body to another, you could also exchange electronic business cards by shaking hands, trade music files by dancing cheek to cheek, or swap phone numbers just by kissing..."


Firm develops PDF tracking tool

SMH article about a company called Remote Approach who have developed a way of tagging and tracking PDF documents so that file activity is reported.

"This allows our clients to see whether their documents are being read - not just downloaded - and if they are being forwarded and distributed through channels like email and peer to peer," the release said.


Bargains galore as house prices plunge

"A report by Home Price Guide exclusively for The Sun-Herald reveals the price of hundreds of properties across Sydney on sale since before September have dropped by as much as 40 per cent...

"Expectations of further increases in interest rates are undermining demand," said CPM Research chief executive John Wakefield..."


Saturday, March 26, 2005

John Pawson is named Architect of the Year by Blueprint magazine

Article in the Guardian titled: 'Minimalist outsider wins architect award'

"John Pawson, the British architect whose minimalist designs include a Trappist monastery and Calvin Klein's flagship store, has been named architect of the year by Blueprint magazine.

Pawson was considered an outsider on a short list that included OMA, the company led by the legendary Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, and EMBT, which designed the new Scottish parliament building in Edinburgh..."


Bottled water found to be money down the drain

Article in 'The Australian' online reports that Australians now spend $525 million a year on bottled water.

"But is it any better for your health than what comes out of the tap for free? Not according to a chemical analysis commissioned by The Weekend Australian and undertaken by experts from the University of Technology, Sydney.

The analysis showed that the best-selling bottled water, Mount Franklin, was no cleaner than the cheapest brand. And none of the three bottled waters tested were any better for you than tap water from three capital cities - Melbourne, which reputedly has the nation's cleanest supplies, Sydney, and Adelaide, widely regarded as having the murkiest. Yet "premium" bottled water such as Mount Franklin sells in supermarkets for about $1.60 a litre - 209,333 per cent more than tap water, which in Melbourne costs 0.075 of a cent per litre..."

Article at:,5744,12657970%5E23289,00.html

Friday, March 25, 2005

Digital-video capture experimenting

Opened the DVD maker out of the box today. Had a play and tried to capture some footage from a video tape, dvd and a hi-8 tape. It worked! Still playing with the audio though as it seems to come through a bit crackly sounding from the video tape. Played with some settings and tried some different software and then it seemed a bit better. Tried to capture it to a new external hard-drive. But the hard-drive died after 20 minutes of operation. Will have to see about getting it looked at or replaced.

Tidied up a bit. Didn't venture too far out today. Figured not much would be open as it's Good Friday today. Got some fish and chips takeaway tonight for dinner. Good stodge food!

Freebie press pick-ups

Picked up quite a few freebie mags from Birdland (record store) and other places in the last week.

Came across 'Last' featuring Vanessa Mae on the cover. Tagline says it covers: sport, sex, style, substance.


Also managed to get a copy of the first issue of 'Mean' at the Semi-Permanent conference when the speakers handed some out after their talk. It's a publication coming out of Auckland, New Zealand. You can view the artwork at their website:


Some other publications in record stores etc at the moment are:
Lucky no. 16, Stu Rock issue, Halt magazine no. 9, Out4Fame no. 31, Artlook no.9 march issue (Canberra art magazine), and Cyclic Defrost.

Eye 4 fashion - Hamish Ta-me - 12 May

The fashion world isn't all gloss and glamour. Just ask Hamish Ta-me, one of Sydney's busiest fashion photographers, whose candid and behind the scenes pictures put the champagne sipping industry in a whole new light. Hamish presents an entertaining slideshow of catwalk capers and carryings on.

When: Thursday 12 May, 6.30 pm (drinks in the Galleries from 6 pm)
Where: Metcalfe Auditorium, State Library of NSW
Cost: $13.50
Info and Bookings:

Eye 4 Rock Stars - Tony Mott, photographer - 7 & 14 April

Tony Mott, Australia's only rock and roll photographer, has captured the likes of the Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna and Nick Cave. A regular fixture at live acts and music festivals, Tony has achieved his own legendary status within the Australian music industry. He presents more than 100 fascinating pictures and shares amusing anecdotes from behind the lens.

When: Thursday 7 April and 14 April, 6.30 pm - 8 pm
Where: Metcalfe Auditorium, Macquarie Street Wing, State Library of NSW
Cost: $13.50
Inifo and bookings:

Greek Festival of Sydney

It's on 20 March - 27 April 2005. For more details, check out:

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Emerging Art, Contempo event, AGNSW. 7 April 2005

Emerging Art Contempo

Thursday, Thursday 7th April 6.30-8.30pm
Esa Jaske Gallery, 27-39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale

"Esa Jaske Gallery, a newly established contemporary art gallery, has invited Contempo to an evening of lively discussion and thought provoking art, offering you a chance to delve into Sydney's young emerging art scene. Covering Installation, photography and mixed media, you’ll get an insiders view of what's on offer in the broader spectrum of Sydney's contemporary artists.

The exhibitions on show are Aaron Seeto: solo exhibition, and a group exhibition by Alice McAuliffe, Lydia Rodrigues, Jessica Olivieri and Christopher Hanrahan. Wine and finger food will be served.

$25 Members and guests
Book online or call 02 92251878.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hugh Ballantyne talk, Contempo event, AGNSW, 20 April 2005

Film Night with Hugh Ballantyne, Wednesday, 20 April, AGNSW

"At this special film evening, Hugh Ballantyne will show a selection of his documentary work such as ALL THE WAY, UNDERGROUND OVERGROUND, and his latest film LITTLE BEDROOMS BIG BEATS.

ALL THE WAY chronicles the drama in the making of the Australian feature film The Night We Called it a Day, starring Dennis Hopper, Melanie Griffith, Joel Edgerton and Rose Byrne.

UNDERGROUND OVERGROUND unearths Australia’s underground music, fashion and art and culture, which include interview and live performance from: Pnau, Sneaky Sound System, Basement Jaxx and Adam Freeland.

LITTLE BEDROOMS BIG BEATS discovers Australia’s emerging and established hip hop, breaks and drum and bass artists. Interview and live performance include: Plump DJ’s, Kid Kenobi, Rodney P, Friendly, Koolism and Downsyde.

Hugh will talk about his experiences in: devising concepts, collaborating, writing and directing observational documentaries and pitching to networks/independent production companies.

After the talk please join Hugh for drinks in the foyer."

Event and bookings detail:

Power-pathic managers

Article in the SMH titled: 'Power-hungry managers bad for business'. Dr Glyn Brokensha of the Banks Management Group describes these people as "power-pathic".

"One in 10 Australian managers are deceitful, cold-hearted manipulators bent on attaining power for its own sake, new research shows...

Dr Brokensha said power-paths thrive in businesses with autocratic management cultures. In such environments power-paths, who are typically articulate, charming and confident, can quickly curry favour with their peers and superiors, while causing misery for the staff who report to them.

"You'll get senior management say, 'So-and-so is really good, he has cleared out all the dead wood, all the non-performers', and then find three years later that the dead wood has not been cleared out, he has cleared out anybody who knew what he was, anyone who opposed him," he said.

"He is actually a glib non-performer himself..."


Trendwatching and Springwise is a free newsletter that reports on "hot, emerging consumer trends and related business ideas." They have a global network of 4000+ trendspotters. You can subscribe to their electronic newsletter for free.

An archive of the posts can be found at:

W: is another newsletter from the same group.

"Be in the know! It's a big world, and promising new business initiatives are popping up in each and every corner. Springwise scans the globe for you -- looking for brilliant new business-to-consumer ideas, concepts, innovations and ventures that we think YOU should know about.

Ideas that work. We focus on ideas that have proven themselves in local or regional markets, and are ready for expansion, partnership, franchising or copying. We present these bright new ideas in free, monthly newsletters, which are sent to over 50,000 business professionals in more than 120 countries."

Archived newsletters at:

You can also become a trend/ideas spotter for them and get points if your idea is published, which leads to gifts.


Semi-Permanent 2005

TL+R: Ashley Wood's images, BL: The Wilderness, BR: Weta Digital

Went to the Semi-Permanent Digital Design conference last Fri 18 and Sat 19 of March.

Program was:

Friday 18 March
10:45am • Introduction
11:00am • Revolver Film
12:00pm • Resn
1:00pm • Lunch Break
2:00pm • Ed Templeton
3:00pm • Vice Magazine
4:00pm • Break
4:30pm • Qube Konstrukt
5:30pm • DixonBaxi
6:30pm • End of Day One

Saturday 19 March
11:00am • TWiN
12:00pm • The Wilderness
1:00pm • Lunch Break
2:00pm • Psyop
3:00pm • Marok - Lodown
4:00pm • Break
4:30pm • PlanBSE,,
5:30pm • Weta Digital
6:30pm • Closing Comments
6.45pm • End of Conference

Ed Templeton is a 32yr old self-taught designer. He left high school two weeks before school ended as he was asked to go on a pro-skating tour. He mentioned that some people have come up to him and said they are busy with study and so therefore don't have the time to take photos and do things like Ed does. He asks them if they have a camera and if so, they can just start taking photos and get better at it. Ed said he continually learns and gets better and better at his craft and then opportunities present themselves to him. He documents his own life and uses a film camera rather than a digital camera. He likes to show suburban life as it is. His artwork for a skate magazine is pretty cool. He sees what he can get away with. He also co-owns a skateboard company and sells toys and things through his company. Interesting speaker.

Plan B Science and Entertainment consists of Ashley Wood (Perth, Aus)- comic artist and Tom Muller (UK) - web designer. They've collaborated for over 4 years online but only met in person for the first time the day before the conference. Tom saw Ashley's work and wanted to design a better website for him as he thought Ashley's website wasn't showcasing his wrok well enough. So Ashley let him do it but Tom had to do it for free. Since then, Tom's worked on many new versions of the website, putting up new images, designing comic book covers and more for Ashley. Ashley believes in doing his own thing, and doesn't want to get any clients and doesn't like being told what to do. He says Tom has helped his online profile as a comic book artist a lot. It was an interesting talk, and interesting how they were able to collaborate online. Interesting how they got together to work on personal projects rather than for commerical ones.

The TWiN brothers spoke for the second time at a Semi-Permanent conference. They're now getting more into the directing side of things.

The Wilderness are based in Auckland. They put a kind of zine together called 'Mean' to showcase their friends' work as they like their friends' work and wanted to showcase their work without them being too worried about it being a big deal. Some of their friends worked in other fields like hairdressing, writing etc but had made some interesting artwork and so this was The Wilderness's way to get their friends involved and showing their work in a non-threatening way. So they produced a zine using cheap newspaper type print paper to convey its disposability factor. Poeple can also view all the artwork contained in the zine online.

Weta Digital's presentation was very professional and interesting. They incorporated some of the actor's facial expressions and movements into the character of Gollum. They had a human stand-in to interact and talk to the actors as Gollum so that the actors would have a real actor (creature) to talk to.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Saw the Returner on dvd on Sunday night. It's a sci-fi movie that is a bit Matrix with the long black coats, action and special effects, and a bit ET with the alien wanting to go home. It's another movie with Takeshi Kaneshiro in it. Worth seeing if you see it in your video shop.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Went and saw Shynola last Wednesday night at the Valhalla. It was organised by Popcorn Taxi. It was a packed house! It was great. They alternated between showing their music and other clips, and interviewing the guys. They accepted a lot of questions from the audience too. One of the interesting things that came up was that they are creative and focus on the ideas first, and then they figure out how to produce the piece. So they didn't see themselves as being highly technical and yet they're creating some really interesting pieces of digital video work.


Movies - House of Flying Daggers

Watched 'House of Flying Daggers' finally last Tuesday night. If you haven't seen it yet, it's definitely worth seeing! I'm also now a Takeshi fan!

Hoyts have a March special on where all sessions and all movies are $5 on Tuesdays. Tried to see 'Hitch' last night but it the session was already full as were most of the other movies.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

sydney: by a sydneysider

Have added a new menu item on Chaos Generation. The section is called 'Sydney: by a Sydneysider'. Thought I'd start adding information and links to places to eat, things to do and see etc in Sydney.

The idea is that someone coming from overseas or interstate can find the touristy things to do around Sydney relatively easy in the guide books etc but if they want to experience Sydney from a local's perspective, then this section will highlight how to live in Sydney like a local.


International Women's Day

Today (8th March) is International Women's Day.

The Office for Women NSW Premier's Department website is:

There's also an article titled 'In work and out of love: finding Ms Typical' in today's SMH giving a snapshot of the situation of the Australian woman today.

Eco Paper Guide

The Society for Responsible Design has published 'The REAP Guide - Recommended Environmentally Accountable Paper (in Australasia)'

"These stocks have been recommended by the Suppliers as their most environmentally positive in each category of paper. Compare specifications as they vary widely..."


How to make (almost) anything

"IF YOU ASK Neil Gershenfeld, there may come a day, perhaps not so far in the future, when we'll no longer need manufacturers to make our products for us. Gershenfeld, a physicist and computer scientist who runs the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, envisions a time when many of us will have a "fabrication center" in our homes. We'll be able to download a description of, say, a toaster -- perhaps one we designed ourselves -- to our computers, and then feed the designs and the raw materials into a personal fabricator. At the push of a button, almost like hitting "print," the machine will spit it out."

Article at:

Monday, March 7, 2005

David Jackson talk - 1st May

David Jackson formed the practice Jackson Teece in 1971 to provide architecture, planning, interior and landscape services. David’s commitment to ecologically sustainable design and interest in planning and urban design issues have helped build the firm’s reputation. David also has wide experience in the area of heritage conservation, completing a number of prestigious heritage projects such as the Sydney Customs House refurbishment, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia conservation and extension plan, the restoration of the Sydney GPO and the Sydney Stock Exchange in O’Connell Street.

Meet the architects
Join leading 20th century architects at Rose Seidler House for a martini on the deck and a chat about their lives and work.

Rose Seidler House | 6pm – 8pm | General $25 Conc & Members/DOCOMOMO Members $20 per talk | Includes complimentary martini on arrival | Bookings essential t. 02 8239 2211


Peter Stronach talk - 20th March

Peter Stronach’s string of award-winning houses and longstanding,passionate pursuit of ecological sustainability in residential and commercial design bear witness to his high standards and innovative use of materials. This focus is evident in his design for the Apple Computers head office in Frenchs Forest, and in the Kogarah Town Square development. Peter was also the design director for Sydney University Village, which won widespread praise for its clever masterplanning and community focus. Peter joined Allen Jack + Cottier in 1971, became a director in 1976, and was managing director from 1996 to 2002.

Meet the architects
Join leading 20th century architects at Rose Seidler House for a martini on the deck and a chat about their lives and work.

Rose Seidler House | 6pm – 8pm | General $25 Conc & Members/DOCOMOMO Members $20 per talk | Includes complimentary martini on arrival | Bookings essential t. 02 8239 2211


Work at home online resources

This article consists of a list of links to websites useful to those who work from home.

More Popcorn Taxi events

Popcorn Taxi presents this very special program about the making of one 2005's most anticipated feature films: the big-screen, mega-budget version of DOUGLAS ADAMS sci-fi comedy classic THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. In his only Sydney appearance, join Executive Producer ROBBIE STAMP, a close friend and collaborator of the late DOUGLAS ADAMS as he guides us through a special presentation that covers the twenty year journey it took to get HITCHHIKERS to the screen.

as THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is still currently being completed, the film will not be screened as part of this program. Included will be exclusive behind the scenes footage, plus a glimpse at the films elaborate effects; featuring CGI designs, plus the work of JIM HENSON's CREATURE WORKSHOP.

Admission: $20 / $17 Conc.
More about this program HERE.
Don't Panic! Advance bookings for this program available soon!

Popcorn Taxi in association with SONY TROPFEST present BEST OF THE REST, an exclusive showcase of the short listed films for 2005. This year a record 792 films were entered into the festival. From a short list of 73, 16 films were selected to screen on the night. This is your chance to see the premier screenings of the other highly entertaining films that came close to making the final 16. Where possible, filmmakers be in attendance to introduce their films on the night. All films are eligible for rating in the 2005 INSIDE FILM AWARDS.

Admission: $15 / $13 Conc.
Stay tuned for a full list of films screening shortly.

More events at:

A Fireside Chat with Shynola - 9th March, 7.30pm

"Popcorn Taxi in association with Adelaide Film Festival and the British Council present a very special on-stage conversation with genius UK animators SHYNOLA when they drop into Sydney this Wednesday to talk about their eclectic career. In just five short years, four eccentric art-school types with marginal pc skills have completely re-invented a form thought dead after two decades of MTV cliches. Their award-winning shorts, commercials and music clips for the likes of BECK, RADIOHEAD and BLUR have made them mega-stars in the digital-art field.

In their only Sydney appearance SHYNOLA join guest interviewer, director KRIV STENDERS (THE ILLUSTRATED FAMILY DOCTOR) to present a selection of their work, and talk about their careers from out of work Arts School grads, to their recent work on the long awaited feature film re-make of THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, due for release later in 2005. This is a rare treat not to be missed!"

Entry: R 18+
Time: 7.30pm
Date: Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
Where: Valhalla Cinema
Address: 166 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Entry: $15 / $13 Conc.

NOTE: All tickets for this session go on sale from 6:30pm
at the Valhalla Cinema on the night. Sorry no bookings, cash only.
Admission: $15 / $13 Conc.

More about this program HERE.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

What is Music? Festival - 9 Mar 05, 8pm

WHATISMUSIC? presents:

Sunn 0))) (USA)
Dead C (NZ)
Kevin Drumm (USA)
Reverend Kriss Hades
Jim Denley, James Heighway, Peter Blamey
DJ Masochrist

Gaelic Club
64 Devonshire street
Surry Hills NSW

"WHAT IS MUSIC? originally emerged in 1994 as a much-needed platform to expose unusual contemporary musical forms that were otherwise unknown to the general public at that point in time. Simultaneously, it challenged the prevailing preconceptions as to what in fact constituted music. Under the auspices of it's original convenors, Oren developed from a modest exercise featuring Australian-based aural artists to a now-Annualevent of International significance - featuring a broad selection of Global performers accordingly. Major moments to date have been provided by: Keiji Haino, Whitehouse, Pan Sonic, Jad Fair, Masonna, Fennesz, The Boredoms & Merzbow - to name just a few. Many of these and other Artists previously included in."

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The Future of Copyright - KM Forum - FREE

The Future of Copyright: The role for Creative Commons in enabling knowledge sharing and encouraging innovation

When: 5.30pm for 6pm, Thursday 3rd March 2005
Where: Standards Australia, 286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

How much? Free

Managing intellectual property (IP) effectively is already a major
concern for many organisations and will only increase in importance.
Copyright rewards the creation of new IP. It can also limit the free
flow of ideas that fuels innovation. What can we do about this?

This month's NSW KM Forum meeting begins with a presentation from Ian
Oi on the iCommons project. Ian will then be joined in an open forum
panel discussion by David Vaile (Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and
Policy Centre UNSW) and Bruce Badger (OpenSkills and ACS Open Source SIG).

Details and related Web links can also be found on the NSW KM Forum
Website at

Andrew Denton interview in SMH

Past interviewees of Andrew Denton ask him the questions in this article. Article titled 'Denton's interviewees ask him...'


Sony Tropfest DVD

You can get a copy of the finalists' short films free with this Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald paper.